After watching the social media revolution video on you tube, Irealized that the social media has rapidly expanded. It is a usefultools of communication in the world today. There are numerousbenefits of social media including entertainment, online jobopportunities, advertisement and marketing amongst other socialnetworking activities. I found the video on social media andrevolution particularly useful because it highlights some quick factsof the social media and the web activity influence. People are soinvolved in social networking to an extent of forming relationshipsand marriages through the social media.

Statistics in the video revealed that one in every eight marriedcouples in the US met through social media. According to the socialmedia revolution (2015), if Face book were a country, it would behighly populated at the third position after China and India. Besidessocial interaction, social media is a useful tool for companies andwriters. Companies rely on social media for recruitment as writersrely on it for article publishing. More than 15million articlesaccessible online. With the availability of such articles, newsreaches people first hand via their phones and social sites. Thesocial media is a faster way of accessing information than televisionnews.

The second article I found interesting is on the future of videogame development detailing about the changing landscape of video gamefield and people who work in the field. It explains how cloud isbecoming an increasingly popular way of acquiring games and gives therequirements of workers in a video game company. The article is alsopart of social media and is useful in showing how companies areembracing technology. Both articles show the relevance of technologyin social networking and involvement between people today. Technologyhas become an imperative part of social networking and employeeengagement in companies.


The Social Media Revolution2015https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eUeL3n7fDs

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