My writing, reading and researching skills have significantlyimproved in the past semester. Since I started this course, thejourney has been challenging but a greatly rewarding experience. Idecided to pursue this course with an open mind for learning. Thejourney would not be easy, I would be expected to learn many thingson my own like researching, and writing term papers, but eventuallyit would be worth it. I am grateful that it was not in vain. I nowhave the basic skills that are compulsory for every undergraduatestudent. I am particularly thankful to my professor who has offeredhis support unconditionally. He has been a present help and walkedwith me through this learning experience with utmost patience. Thereare many times that I wanted to give up but he assured me that I wasjust starting and that it would get easier as I continued practicingwriting.

The learning experience has changed me to a great extent as awriter. I am now able to improve my writing and can comfortablyrevise my past work thanks to the experience acquired through thecourse. The lion King Disney tale, was the first paper I wroteunsure of many things as a young writer. I was just learning aboutthe APA writing style and today can identify some mistakes that Imade in the paper. For example, though the title page is well writtenit lacks the course and date just below the institution. The paperalso does not have any in text citation yet there is an articlereferenced at the end of the article. I now know that it is wrong tohave a reference yet not cite the work done as the work may appearplagiarized. I have also learnt how to reference my work betterstarting with the author’s surname, the first initial of secondname, publication year in brackets then the title in italics,publisher, city and medium of publishing.

The second paper I wrote was in the MLA format titled Feminism insnow white and pretty woman. At first, I found the MLA writingstyle complex bearing in mind that it differed from the APA style,which appeared simpler to write. The MLA style is like the oppositeof APA in that it did not require a title page. The in-text citationfor MLA has the name followed by the book or article page number. Ifound it confusing and at times ended up writing the authors lastname and year instead of the last name and page. The basic format forciting work in MLA in a book for example should be the author’slast name then italicized title and not the year as in APA style.After the title in italics, the city of publication, year ofpublication and medium of publication should follow. My third paperwas an annotated bibliography putting me to the challenge ofsummarizing author ideas from books and articles. My fourth paper onthe impact of Disney on children is an improved version of MLA. Itmeets the requirements of writing an MLA style paper such as writingthe page number instead of the year when citing the work.

My study involvement and academic participation have yieldedpositive fruits. The learning process has made me more informed, ableto make decisions, have critical analysis and above all improved mywriting tremendously. I am now conversant with the writing styles,research writing and revision strategies. Amongst the vital writingskills I have acquired are developing coherent and grammaticallycorrect sentences. A good paper should not have overly long sentencesthat appear incoherent. It should have grammatically correctsentences that build up ideas for easy reading. The paragraphs shouldalso not being too long or too short. Each paragraph should haveideas linking to the next paragraph. Finally, a good paper shouldstart with a good introduction paragraph and end with a greatconclusion that sums up the paper ideas.