My desire to be in school started long before I was of school goingage. I remember sitting on the house balcony early every morning andwatching our neighbor escort his daughter to school. My otherneighbor would have the school bus pick and drop him daily and heseemed to be enjoying the ride to and from school thoroughly. Thatwas when I started pressurizing my parents to take me to daycare andbaby school. My main aim was to be carried to the school everymorning by the school bus and be dropped back home. Little did I knowthat school life was not always going to be about the enjoyable ridesthat I was very much eager to enjoy. I was still very young and myparents were not ready to let me go to school at that tender agebeing an only child. They waited for me to get to the right babyclass age and at three years, I was sent to my first school. The joyof riding on the dazzling school bus was indescribable and thoughdeep within I felt lonely and sad having to leave my parents, I guessI was too excited about taking the trip to school and meeting otherchildren of my age with whom we would play. As I got used to schooland had to wake up very early every morning to avoid being left bythe school bus, I realized that the long journey to a new learningexperience had started. I would be in this journey for the next twodecades of my life or more.

My learning experiences in China were nothing unusual having beenaround familiar people and my folks. The school rules and regulationin China are tough and strict to help children grow up well manneredand train them how to respect their elders. Lateness for example is amajor issue for Chinese lecturers and can lead to punishment. Onetime I was late for the lecture and the lecturer reprimanded. Thismade me talk back to her and it upset her. Apart from being upset,the lecturer took the lateness to another level making me stand atthe back of the class for one month. In America, the issue oflateness was not a big deal. The lecturer does not care whetherstudents attend the lecturers. Late or do not attend at all. It isalmost impossible for a lecturer to question students about lateness.In another instance, relationships between students often blossom inhigh school or campus. In my case, I found love in China but theteacher made us break the relationship because according to them itwas inappropriate. Though I have not tried this experience in AmericaI always, wonder what an American lecturer or teacher could have donein that case. I am very sure that they would not care much as theiraim is to impact students with learning skills and not interfere withtheir social relationships. Elsewhere, the assignments, essays andterm papers taught in high school and colleges differ. One of myteachers Mrs. Stansky taught me how to write short essays in Englishbut I realized that college professors ask for many different things.Education in college level requires students to be moreknowledgeable. They are expected to write term papers, essays andresearch proposals to obtain good final grades. While students inChina do their assignments, apart from group work. The sameassignments are scheduled differently in America. Students have aright to ask for an extension to complete the assignment or canrequest for an alternative assignment.

Different students have differing learning experiences. This alldepends on the schools they attend, the school curriculum and how theeducational system functions in those countries. My project ondifferences between my Chinese and American learning experienceexplains how different educational systems draw their insights oflearning. The purpose of this study has most importantly been to helpme arrive at an understanding as a young adult on my relationshipwith schooling. Through my experience, I can confidently say thatthere is a big difference between the educational systems in Chinaand America. Chinese students have to endure a tough learningenvironment while Americans students are at liberty to direct theirlearning. I always felt that studying in China was a struggle for meand when I enrolled in the American school learning was a relief. Itis very difficult to put up with rules as a young adult especiallywhen in campus because you want to have your time to decide andbecome what you feel like.

My experience as a learner is best explained by the fact thatexperience is a good or the best teacher. The exposure to differentlearning environments was the best thing that ever happened to me asa student. It is through this learning experience that i was able tochoose a suitable career. I have had a wonderful experience inAmerica. It also made me realize that m immediate environment shapesme as a student. I depended and my family and friends opinions todecide what I wanted to become. When I moved out however, it wasabout me and what I love doing. Though the teachers helped me chooseand decide which career I wanted to pursue, they did not have as muchinfluence on my decision as my family. The larger social forcesshaped me as a student but did not make me who I am. They influencedme to adapt their culture having been a very conservative Chinese. Myperception of education and identity completely changed acrosscontexts as I moved across continents to learn. It exposed me to manypeople from different cultures and I learnt to value everyone as Iinteracted and appreciated their unique cultures.

In conclusion, the learning experience is indeed a very liberatingexperience, it is a wonderful journey given the chance to learn.Meeting many people who share different ideas also increases yourlearning experiences in a way that school alone cannot. You realizethe beauty of the world through social interactions with variouscultures and become a well-rounded individual. The Chinese people forexample value education highly and will impose many rules to ensurethat students excel in their academic performance. However, mytransformation came when I left China to go and pursue studies in theUSA. The difference between the Chinese and American learning systemwas striking. It ranged from overly strict rules in Chine to overlycarefree in America. My experiences with schools has had itsdifficulties but so are, I can say that every challenge was to directme to where I should be now. I have no regrets but I feel gratefulfor every learning opportunity that has come my way.