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Organizationalstructure as well as design plays a key role in the management of abusiness organization. Most people always confuse the application ofthe expression organizational structure and design despite the factthat they are distinct in their connotations. In addition, there arealso challenges that accrue because of using a particularorganizational structure and design in promoting organizationaleffectiveness though this paper specifies the most significant one.

Itis clear that in many occurrences every person needs to be consciousof their actions. Organizational structure as well as design assistscompanies to comprehend themselves as well as preferably to executetheir mandate in tandem to achieve the entire objectives of theentity. There are some differences that subsist betweenorganizational structure and design. Beside the differences, thereare some significant challenges of organizational effectiveness thattakes place as an aftermath of design as well as choices selection.

Accordingto FeigenbaumE. (n.d.), organizational structure means the framework of an entity.It specifies various duties as well as functions in correspondence tothe individual performing them. It covers a number of several jobposts, titles as well as responsibilities of a commercial operationalongside the command chain they relate. Structure constitutes anexpression of the cotemporary state of affairs rather than thearchetype, purpose or enhancement of an organization.

Onthe other hand, organizational design involves a systematic approachthat follows particular steps, which do away with, or lessens theassociated symptoms such as dismal performance as well as outcome,ineffective flow of work characterized by breakdowns and unnecessarysteps. It also eliminates the symptom of losing focus on customers,this is prevalent among cashiers in banks and supermarkets .Theorganizational design has the roles of enhancing the generalwellbeing as well as the receptiveness of a commercial enterprisethrough properly incorporating persons with key business operations,expertise as well as systems (Thecenter for organizational design, n.d.).

Furthermore,there are challenges of organizational effectiveness due to thechoice of a particular organizational structure as well as design.Maven (n.d.) states that the ever-surfacing shortcoming relating toorganizational effectiveness is to attain optimal effectiveness thatthe organization demands for personal as well as collectiveprosperity.


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