Learning is a process of listening and gaining knowledge from those whohave gone ahead of us and succeeded in their fields. Recently, Ilistened to two speakers who are experts in their fields and learnt alot about their jobs. The two positively influenced me as a student whois pursuing a major in event management and real estate sales. I foundtheir talk very motivating and inspirational and by the time they weredone, the speakers had managed to impact lifetime skills to me. Thespeakers challenged me mentally and physically to target on my goal tobecome a successful events manager and real estate personnel.One of the speakers Ian Irving is based in London UK and is in thefield of marketing and advertising. He is a professional who has morethan 22 years experience in events, branded content development andmarketing influence. Being a recognized leader in the industry and awinner of multi awards makes him a qualified motivational speaker forstudents like me. He possesses impressive qualities like creativethinking, experience in the commercial aspects of sponsorship, socialmedia, amplification and marketing channels that deliver results forbrands and consumer.I found Irving specifically interesting because the field he hasspecialized in plays a crucial role in events and real estate. Marketingfor example is critical for the success of event management and realestate sales. One of his main roles as an advertiser is also imperativeto my study. Irving seemed knowledgeable on event management operationsand planning for the success of real estate business. His knowledgeabout the best markets and helping brands seek global online and offlinecommunities through utilizing the social media strategy was incredible.Irving explained about how to increase customer advocacy as well as theuse of social media conversations to change behaviors and drive ROI inlive and digital environments. By the time the speaker left I hadacquired exclusive, marketing, real estate operation and planningskills.Megan Evans a HR advisor at CIM is based in Windsor Berkshire UK. TheChartered Institute of marketing is a great organization that is wellrecognized. Megan is a sociology and criminology graduate with a mastersin diversity and equality but is passionate about employment relationslaw. As the HR advisor, Megan has enough experience dealing with thecompany’s recruitment and employment duties. She mostly works to bringin fresh and capable talent who can make the company thrive to a greaterlevel. She is also assigned roles lime marketing for the company andseeking the best talents that will add value to the company.Part of her role as the HR advisor is to give advice to the company onthe recruitment and hiring process look into the company’s logistics,planning, legal and operations. Megan ensures that all logistics areaccurate for compensation and benefits of employees. Planning for thecompany’s events is also crucial to enhance performance. Listening toMegan helped me learn that planning in events management helps avoidfuture mistakes. Planning in events management goes with logistics anddepends on whether the event is being done for the first time thusrequiring quick or slow response. She also taught me a good lesson onthe importance of adhering to legal issues as an event planner and realestate manager. I learnt that all legal procedures should to be carriedout carefully in case I ran into any problems with the law. I need toinform and take letters that consent with real estate regulations aswell as plan events that are legally acceptable to avoid tarnishing theimage of a genuine events manager.Before listening to the two speakers, I had reservations on how far Icould go with my major. After hearing them and seeing how far they havegone in the HR, marketing, planning, logistics, operations and legalprocesses I feel more capable. The similarities in their job roles andmy major are unique but share a lot making me learn that listening toothers always creates a platform to new knowledge.Surname PAGE * MERGEFORMAT 1