A Reflective Essay on my Reading and Writing Class

AReflective Essay on my Reading and Writing Class


AReflective Essay on my Reading and Writing Class

WhenI first joined the reading and writing class, I was not so confidentabout it because I am an international student from China and Englishis not my first language. I started the class with the mentality thateverything will be very difficult for me. However, after attending afew classes, my mentality was completely altered. The classinstructor was very friendly and helped me to learn a lot of newthings about reading and writing. I have been able to learn newthings such as the different formats of writing. Throughout theclass, we were able to read two books, Hamlet by Shakespeare andDeath of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. I was also able to write anessay on feminism.

Iwas happy to read The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller because Ihave always loved plays. I learnt a lot of lessons from this play.The stories of monarchs may be quite stirring but this was just astory of a common man Willy Loman who had the wrong dream. This issomething that could happen to any person which makes the play evenmore interesting. Willy Loman faces a conflict between materialismand true happiness, something that most people in real life gothrough. I was happy when he chose happiness over materialism whichis something that that made me happy. From this play I learnt that itis very important for people to do what they love to do.

Wealso went through Hamlet by a respected writer in literature,Shakespeare. After reading this play, felt that this was one of themost interesting plays I have read in a while. This is a play that isfilled with a lot of moral lessons that can help any person who readsit. For instance from Act 1, we see old Polonius advising his youngson. His advice is not taken seriously but it turned out to be veryimportant. I therefore learnt that I must always take the advice ofmy elders very seriously. From this play I was able to learn somelessons about human suffering. This play teaches that in this world,people must have some kind of tribulation.

Ihave never been a staunch feminist, participated in feminist ralliesor even felt hatred for men but I still chose to write an essay onfeminism during my writing course. When I was picking a topic for myessay, I felt inspired by issues that have been having a significantimpact on the world in the past decade. Feminism was one of theissues that I felt has had a significant effect on philosophy andliterature. I decided to choose this topic because writing about itwould give be the opportunity to research about feminism andtherefore learn new things about this issue. From my research, I wasable to learn that women have fought for decades to achieve equalityof the sexes. I also learnt that feminism in itself is a movementthat seeks to achieve the economic and social equality in both menand women.

Icertainly learnt a lot of new things in this class and I am not thesame as when I started. I can now read and write better that I didbefore the class. I now believe that any person, regardless of theirfirst language, can learn everything about the English language ifthey put their mind to it.