A research on the Marketing major

Aresearch on the Marketing major

Thereis a perception amongst individuals that, marketing is all about thephysical and promotional efforts that are involved in selling aproduct (Holbert, 2011). According to The National Association ofMarketing Teachers, Marketing is defined as &quotthe performance ofbusiness activities that direct the flow of goods and services fromproducer to consumer or user.” This new definition gives us acompletely new perspective on how we view Marketing. In this researchpaper, we will address whether the Marketing Major that is offered inour institutions of higher learning, is indeed an ideal course andthe chances of getting jobs with this degree.

MarketingMajor has been on offer as a lucrative degree for quite a period oftime. According to Armstrong,Kotler, Harker &amp Brennan, (2012) marketingis defined as a program that prepares and gives students the platformto manage the process of consumer audiences. It details how productsmove from the producers through all the channels till they get to theconsumers, which in our case are the customers. Marketing Major alsoincludes other crucial factors such as demand analysis, methods ofadvertising, consumer relations, customer behavioral dynamics, demandanalysis, sales and operations among others. These factors go hand inhand with the process of marketing. With this in mind, a studentmajoring in marketing should then have an idea of what to expect inthe job market.

Marketingis not just a career, but a crucial business function for anyOrganization. A student who has majored in marketing impacts himselfwith the tools necessary to handle any marketing issues. He/she cancreate an environment where the ultimate goal is customer delivery,through adequate market research and proper design and maintenance ofthe product in question (Taylor, 2003). This major is excellent forcreative individuals who enjoy working as a group so as to developnew ways of accomplishing tasks assigned to them. The marketingdynamics are always changing, and so marketing managers should notonly give emphasis on traditional areas of marketing, but familiarizethemselves in new areas such as Consumer and Dealer Motivation.Basically, this is the behavior of buyers and sellers in the overallmarket.

Coreand elective courses that students must undertake in marketing varyfrom one institution to another. When taking this course thefollowing listed topics are, therefore, a must in any institution

  • Business to Business Marketing

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Corporate Finance

  • Global Marketing

  • Logistics Strategies

  • Marketing Channels

  • Marketing Management

  • Marketing Research

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Product and Price Management

  • Retail Management

  • Sales Management

Whetheryou are looking join in or build up an existing career, a degree inmarketing will prepare you up for the marketing world. As we canobserve from the courses listed above that a student must undertake,marketing degree programs integrate mathematical, statistical andfinancial subjects that lay the foundation of any business major.Other subjects such as behavioral studies, liberal arts, ande-commerce are just those that individuals ought to master as theyapply in the job market.

Thereis the need for career education in marketing. It is essential as onelearns the ropes on how to bring a product or service from just anidea until it is acceptable to the consumer, to also be able to learnhow to gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing field ofmarketing (Holbert, 2011). If you look at the financial statement ofany organization, marketing accounts for one of the largestexpenditures. A company needs to brand itself because if no one knowsabout what you do as a company it will be extremely hard to sell yougoods or services. It is therefore very imperative to recruit a verydynamic, open minded and creative marketing team if an organizationwishes to retain and attract more customers (Armstrong,et.al. 2012).

Inorder for a person to be considered for recruitment in the field ofmarketing, a bachelor’s degree for professional positions isrequired. If one wishes to work in a management position, an MBAwould be most preferred. Today’s economy is very hyper-competitivejobs are only for the learned, and the more educated you are, themore you earn (Holbert, 2011). Many professionals in the marketingfield opt to study electronically via the internet so as to advancethemselves without giving up their jobs. People nowadays are moreeducated than ever, and a small wind into the ‘comfort zone’ maycost you your job.

Inthis field of marketing, one should not approach the job market withthe expectation of high perks in an entry level job. You have tostart from somewhere and rise through the ranks, just like most ofthe other staff that started from the same company. A majority ofthose who join the organizations for the first time start off asentry point sales agents. As one gets the necessary experience whilestill advancing in education, high chances are that that he/she mightmove so fast up the career ladder up to a marketing managementposition. It is no wonder to find a 28- year-old as the head ofmarketing in an organization.


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