s that feature women and men aim at portraying issuesrelated to sex and gender. The advertisement industry is one that hashad a narrow perspective on the representation of women. Mostadvertisements tend to represent women as the weak sex. Concerninggender roles, women are expected to act submissively to theirhusbands or men in general.

is a strong type of social communication incontemporary community. Ads provide sustained set of images, whichaim at informing on a specific aspect of society. The advertisementis a perfect illustration of society’s view of gender roles. Male’sand female’s views concerning gender roles are largely influencedby societal expectations. The advertisement depicts societalexpectations where the woman’s role involves submitting to the man.This is illustrated as the woman kneels down to serve the manbreakfast. It is apparent that the women are represented as a weakergender, while men are depicted as superior. The woman serves the man,while the man is depicted as relaxed and waiting for the woman tosubmit.

The advertisement further introduces a different role of the woman asthe one expected to cook and serve the man. Quoting the words fromthe advertisement, “show her it is a man’s world” it isapparent that men have a greater commanding role in relationshipsaccording to societal expectations. Society defines the gender rolesof women as cooking and serving men. Concerning roles like cooking,society shifts the emphasis on who should be responsible to women.The advertisement mirrors the expected behavior of men and women,most probably in a relationship. Generally, the ad manages to depictdifferences in gender roles.

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