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29April 2015

Impact of Focus on Audience

Entertainment is global, and there are many forms of it. Nowadays,one of the most enjoyed forms of entertainment is a movie going.According to statistics, hundreds of millions of people go to movietheaters every day (Elsaesser andBurkland 12). This means that the value of movie going mayhave gone beyond just entertainment, to being educational and valueteaching. Movie directors and producers have found ways to presentvarious themes in their films, ranging from social life, personallife, politics, religion and culture, amongst many others. Dyerdivides scholars studying films into two categories, objectivists andhistoricists and explains that most film scholars fall into thehistoricist group since as film students they more interested withthe product (5). In this regards, it is essential to analyze films inorder to understand their meanings as well as what the directorwanted to develop. Dyer asserts that analyzing films following atechnical assessment allows one to focus on the tangibility of afilm thus, understand its meaning and artistic nature (4). Whiledeveloping a film, directors use various characters and storylines todevelop storylines that entertain people as they watch. Dyer saysthat the assessment and study of films see film as art hence, thedescription of film values (4). In this light, there are somenegative and positive aspects that are covered, which are meant tonot only entertain the audience, but also pass some kind of message.Studying films allow people to comprehend the underlying message aswell as the overlaid values that shape the movie, which helps peopleunderstand a film critically (Dyer 4). This paper looks at the film“Focus,” its synopsis, entertainment value, and socialimpact.

Thefilm falls into the Romantic genre. At the same time, itfeatures a theme of con-artistry, where the main character, asseasoned con man known as Nicky Spurgeon, plays con tricks on anumber of people throughout the film. The plot has a number of sceneswhere the con-men play tricks on unsuspecting people, often to gainmoney or material possessions. The theme of con-artistry is thecentral entertainment attraction of the film, where the directorsportray the characters as extremely clever individuals who play onother people’s minds to get to their money and other possessions.At the same period, the plot twists are used further forentertainment value, for instance, where the main character, Nicky,discovers that some other con-artists are trying to play a trick onhim and advises them how to do it. It is at this point, where hedirectors use the situation to advance the title of the film. Here,Nicky tells the conmen “Never lose focus when faced with unexpectedsituations” (Focus, 2015). This part creates a connection betweenNicky and the audience, as they get to identify with the movie’sprotagonist.

Besides the entertainment value, there are valuable lessons that arelearned from the film. First, the themes teach that people can beloving and be part of the society, regardless of their personallives. In the beginning, most of the audience takes one of thecharacters, Jess, to be a heartless lady, whose life is defined onlyby her selfish ambition of being a successful con-lady. However, shegets emotionally attached to Nicky, something that most of theaudience would not predict. The film therefore uses this storyline toshow the audience that there is a glimmer of positivity even in thehearts perceived to be emotionless. At the same time, the audiencesare taken away from the hustle and bustle of conning as they aredrifted into an emotional world while watching the movie. Thedirectors factor in the breakup between Nicky and Jess to create anemotional sensation amidst the turbulent entertainment environment.According to Elsaesser andBurkland, such styles add value to the film, helping raise itscritical response (26).

However,some critics present some negative arguments about the film. There isan argument that the film is among a group of upcoming productionsfrom Hollywood, which pay a little homage to positive entertainment,rather, plays on the social negatives to entertain the audience. Inthis light, the film is not suitable for minors and other youngpeople. According to Elsaesser andBurkland, most people try to emulate their favorite actors, asa natural response to stimuli (62). It is conceivable that there arehundreds of people who went to try stealing and conning unsuspectingcitizens, with the false believe that they will entertain themselvesand appear as “cool” as the actors in the film. Additionally, thedirectors may have gone too far to create a good character out of badpeople, with the intention of providing a plot twist. This may have anegative social perception that even the good intentioned people maybe up to no good at times. Regardless of the critical views of theaudience, most unanimously agree that the film is of greatentertainment value and is worth watching.

“Focus”is one of the latest hits in Hollywood, which provides a greatdeal of entertainment and educational value. The movie’s creativityand storytelling have been well crafted to get the message to theintended audience, while at the same time, eliciting various degreesof response from them. For instance, positive response from part ofthe audience applauds the film’s use of plot twists to portraycharacters in different lights. This creates an emotional connectionto the film, despite the fact that the main story is based on somenegative aspects of the society. Additionally, some positive criticalresponse applauds the film’s directors for the use of contemporarysocial issues to provide high-quality entertainment, which at thesame time, has educational value. However, negative responseidentifies the film’s use of negative behaviors, that is,con-artistry, to entertain. This may influence the most vulnerablepeople in the society, mainly children, to go practicing what theysee in the film. Regardless, the film is a great piece which has beenwell received by the audience all over the world.

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