American Diversity Travelling Versus Touring

AmericanDiversity: Travelling Versus Touring

AmericanDiversity: Travelling Versus Touring

Althoughdiversity is a challenge that threatens the peace and unity indifferent countries, the American case is different. The Americanshave managed to turn their geographical and ethnic diversities intoopportunities. The diversity of the American topography and thepeople holds the future of the tourism and travel industry. Thedialogue of inclusion is more advanced than in any other part of theworld with such a diverse community. This makes Americans feel partof the country and not aliens in spite of the fact that nearly allethnic groups (including those that referred to themselves as NativeAmericans) immigrated into America from other parts of the world(Phillips, 2014). Organizing multicultural workshops in America isone of the underexploited business opportunities that can helptourism and travel business leaders to bridge the geographicaldistance that travelers would have travelled to study the Americandiversity.

Frommy experience, I have learned that an ordinary tourist touringdifferent parts of America is likely to distinguish only the back andwhite Americans without realizing that people with the white skinalso come from different racial and ethnic groups. The diversity ifthe American people are confirmed by the fact that people from allraces available in the world live in America and share lifeexperiences equally. The Hispanic and Asian population have beengrowing rapidly, which confirms the social nature of Americans whoaccommodates all people irrespective of their cultural background(U.S. Census Bureau, 2014). However, I realized that a traveler willbe able to distinguish between Americans being their skin color.

Fromthe personal experience, I have learned that one needs to integrateand share with the people of America in order to understand theirdiverse views. When touring different parts of America, one noticethat citizens come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds,but it takes time to learn how they see things in their surrounding.Caputo &amp Heat-Moon (2013) states “And we are going out on theroad, and we are going to meet people who do not think the way we do”(p. 1). In my case, I find it difficult to study the diversity of theAmerican because it is challenging to travel the in different placesof the large continent and take time to interact with its people.However, other people with a passion for travelling can find Americato be the suitable to do their adventure given its diversity thatpresents a lost to learn and admire.

Thediversity of American holds a lot for the future travel or tourismbusiness leaders. A major lesson learned from the experience withAmerica is that the market efforts for a travel or tourism businessshould focus on exposing the American diversity as among the keyfactors attracts tourists and travelers. Carrol (2015) observed andstated that multicultural functions gives people an opportunity tonegotiate human differences and sample diversity from the targetedregion. Bringing people from different cultural backgrounds togetheris one of the most effective ways of helping travelers to learn moreabout the diverse community (Carrol, 2015). As a future tourists ortravel business leader I see a lot of opportunities in America’sdiversity. For example, organizing multicultural workshops is anopportunity that can help people with the urge to learn more aboutthe American diversity, but lack sufficient time to so interact withAmericans within a single location. Participants in such workshopsget ample time to share stories and cultural practices, which savethe time and money that one, would have spent traveling or touringdifferent regions in an effort to interact with Americans.

Inconclusion, American is a diverse continent in terms of people andtopography, which means that it is only a traveler who can understandit better as opposed to a tourist. This diversity provides anopportunity that the tourism and travel business leaders can exploitby organizing workshops to help tourists and travelers learn aboutthe American diversity within a short time. The diversity of theAmerican people is confirmed by the existence of people of all racesof the world and all who claim to be Americans and America to betheir home. This diversity attracts healthy public debates wherepeople from different cultural backgrounds give varying viewpoints. Atraveler will easily notice that Americans living in differentregions have different views about different aspects of life, whichis a unique scenario. Organizing multicultural workshops bridges thegeographical distance that a traveler would have travelled to learnabout the cultural practices of the American people.


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