American History



Howdoe Frank Lloyds Wright’s designs of the Guggenheim museum in NewYork City differ from his earlier designs of private residences? Doesthe Building share any characteristics with his earlier designs?

FrankWright was an American interior designer, architect and a writer. Hebelieved in designing of structures which were in connection withhumanity. In his architecture, he structured some of the mostinfluential buildings. His resultant achievement on the designing ofthe Guggenheim museum confirmed his architectural prowess after itscompletion later after he had already died.

Thisdesign is different from his earlier designs because despite hisbeing reluctant as to the place it should have been built he wentahead and built it. In accepting to honor his client’s wishes, alsocollided with many of his other clients, the art world and above allthe public opinion was negative. The museum design also differs fromhis earlier designs in that it is an embodiment of his attempts torender the inherent plasticity of the organic forms of architecture.It’s similar to his earlier designs in that just like all ofwright’s designs, it embraced nature. The museum embraces almostall the shapes from oval to triangles.

Whatdifferent paths to freedom and equality did martin Luther King JR.and Malcom x offer to black Americans? Why did each of them believethat their respective paths would be long and dangerous?

MalcomX was Martin’s biggest critic, in his ideologies Malcom advocatedfor racial separation while Martin advocated for a multiracialnon-violent approach to freedom for the Black Americans. Even thoughthey both of them had the same goals, they took different paths andsymbolized different ideologies which have since disrupted the Blackcommunities.

Martinhad the bigger domination and this made him feel like he had littleto lose by associating himself with Malcom who led the small Islamicgroup. Martin was never pleased with Malcom’s verbal hostility andhis violent nature of approaching the struggle to freedom, hebelieved that non-violent means was the way to go. Malcom on theother hand, believed in vicious fighting for his own people. Martin’smajor concern was on the civil rights legislation which was pending.They both believed that their fight to get a solution would be longcoming because despite their struggles because some of the blackswere still attracted to black nationalists’ rhetoric.