Answers to Interview Questions

Answersto Interview Questions

Fivequestions are: what is your greatest weakness?

Ihave a tendency of making sure that my work is perfect before Ipresent it. Whereas it is a good attribute, I would say that I am toomuch of a perfectionist in my work. In the effort of ensuring that mywork has no errors or work is done accordingly, I end up checking andcross checking my work severally thus spend too much time thannecessary on a task, or take on tasks that could be easily delegatedpersonally. However, I have made an effort of setting a good balancethat will ensure that I do not submit erroneous work and still I donot spend so much time in a task and also delegate tasks that can beperformed by someone else. I have also learnt that in order to trustsomeone else’s work I need to do a proper delegation. This is byensuring that I provide necessary support when I delegate tasks.

Aren’tyou over qualified for this position?

Iwould not consider myself as overqualified for the position yet. Thisis because I am a beginner in the practical knowledge of the job. Myskills give me a rich theoretical knowhow about the job but I stillhave a lot to learn practically. I am, therefore, so muchenthusiastic to learn as much as possible about the organizationwhile I do my every day job. Given the job opportunity I will makethe most out of the professional opportunity and notch thesubstantial achievements with the company.

Ofcourse, I could be possessing some skills that are way above therequirements of the position for which I have applied for. However,this should not be misconstrued as a weakness but as a strength as itmeans that I have the capacity to examine my work and the variedissues pertaining to it in a broader way. Further, it is noteworthythat the company is pretty much dynamic in which case not only willthe positions available in the future be increasing but there will bean increase in the responsibilities pertaining to the currentpositions. Either way, my current qualifications place me at aconsiderably focal position as far as the future of this company isconcerned. Similarly, it is an indication of my capacity to followany issue that I set my mind on to its logical conclusion, as well asthe discipline that comes with the same.

WhyShould I hire you?

Ibelieve I am the best candidate for this position since I have thecombinations of skills that you are looking for and I am confidentthat I will handle the job diligently for my individual satisfactionand for the benefit of the company. In addition to my strongeducational background, I am a people’s person capable of buildinggreat relationships with vendors, clients, my bosses and mysubordinates and these make me fit very well in a team. Similarly, Iam passionate about this industry it can proved by my combinations inareas of study that fit well in the industry thereby making mecapable to learn and deliver high quality work. Looking at my awards,I have several certificates on mobilizing people to conduct CommunitySocial Responsibility activities and will bring along the skills ofmaintaining close touch with our community’s not just goodperformance and achievements. I believe that success is best achievedif shared with the communities that are around us since they are themain reason why we are in business. It is not just a community Socialresponsibility, but also a sort of experiential marketing to make thesocieties have a positive experience of the company thus benefitingthe company in the Long run.

Whydo you want to work at our company?

Inattempt to follow my passion and enthusiasm I have done a goodresearch about the companies I would like to work for that willutilize my skills in the best way possible. Sure enough, this companywas top in my list. I paid attention to the Company’s mission andit clearly articulates my personal goals and attributes. In my recentactivity, I volunteered my time to help student suffering fromsubstance abuse. I realized that what this kind of people have lackedin their lives is a good listener someone who could pay attention totheir problems. It pleased me deeply when I saw that attribute inyour core values. Surely, I felt I would really like to be part ofthis company. Also, in my research I realized that the company hasexperienced a consistent growth for the last five years and have eventaken their business outside the country. This can only be so as aresult of focused and motivated staff. I therefore, would like tojoin your team of highly motivated and achieving teams.

Whatfood books have you read lately?

SincerelyI have read so many food books but the best two that were mostcaptivating is the “Defence of food” by Michael Pollan and“History of taste” by Paul Freedman. Below is a brief descriptionof both books:

The“Defence of food” book: Pollan brings out an argument that whatpeople are consuming today is not food but edible food-likesubstances. He argues that the food industries have brought aboutcomplexity of processed food that allows them to own an intellectualproperty thus charging a whole lot more for the very cheap rawingredients. He also argues that there are conflicting nutritionistviews as portrayed by the food industry which encourages food thatare low in cholesterol while at the same time referring eggs ashealthy foods eggs are also high in cholesterol. There seems to be aconflicting view of what people should consume, and the food industryis taking advantage of this view to package food and charge an extracent.

“TheFood: The History of Taste” Paul freedman put togethercomprehensive history of taste based on culinary accomplishment ofdiverse civilization in the past and present days ranging from theFrench, Germany, Belgian, American and British historians. In hisbook he has explored the sweet tastes made by classical antiquity andChina and the magnificent cuisines of the middle ages. His studyranges from the highly spiced food traditions after Renaissance andthe new focus of food ingredients from the current world. In additionhe has also explored the evolution of modern restaurant setting andtechnological developments enhancing the today’s taste. His storycaptures not only what sustains us but also what makes us feel alive.


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