Application for Readmission


Applicationfor Readmission



SinceI left school, I have been involved in various activities. I haveparticipated in volunteer programs where I have given back to thesociety. Together with a group of friends, we have been visiting thehomeless and also volunteered our time in hospitals for cleaningservices.


Inthe past one year, I realized that for me to perform better in classwork, I had to get involved with positive minded people who couldhelp me with my studies. I got engaged with a group of friends whohave guided me on the best modes of studying and I believe this willenable me to do better in school.



Forthe time I have not been in school, I have participated in varioussports. I have perfected my skills in playing chess and this hasbroadened my mind and sharpened my concentration skills. I have alsoparticipated in charitable activities to help the less fortunate inthe society like orphaned children.


Forthe past one year, I have enrolled in private tuition sessions tohelp me grasp concepts better. I must appreciate my tutor who helpedme to identify my weaknesses and taught me how to go over them. I amnow in a better position to deal with my destructions unlike therebefore where I could get destructed and lose concentration.



Duringthe past year I have become actively engaged in sports. I have beenplaying lawn tennis, a passion I have developed. I have also gotteninterest in reading novels. This has helped to improve myconcentration skills and I can now proudly say that I can look atschool matters from a different perspective.


Whileout of school, I have had the chance to rethink various aspects in mylife that contributed to my failure. For that period that I have beenout of school, I have managed to shun bad company and I have gottenfriends who encourage me to study hard and have helped to gain betterinsight into class matters.


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