Armani Exchange



Whenit comes to fashion and leisure, Giorgio Armani is one of the namesthat top the list especially in design. The idol designer owns ArmaniExchange as a private company and it was founded in the USA(Zhang&ampChanghan,33). From its launch in 1991, has grown to gain aplace as one of the most renowned fashion brands globally. Althoughmost of the retail network is based in the US, ’snetwork continues to grow aggressively both in USA, and on aninternational scale. The string of retail stores ismostly located in the US, UK, China, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Korea(Zhang&ampChanghan,91). However, adds that Armani products can be foundpractically anywhere in the world.

Partof the organization’s objective is to venture to India. The marketstudy shows that India has an exponentially growing middle class. Thelocation of India in South Asia puts it at the Peninsula, which is tothe east of the Arabian Sea. With a population of 15% of the world,India seems like the ideal market for to exploit(, p 5). According to (Potvin,17), targets all growing consumer economies. Theyhave products for both middle and upper class. India as a market isgrowing exponentially and their middle-class economy conforms to target market.

Besides,from the middle and upper class economies, targetsthe young generation. In their opinion, the young generation issupposedly fun, outgoing, and a generation that can proudly representtheir brand. To be more specific, explains that ArmaniExchange targets the youths of age 18-32 years. In addition, musichas a strong relation to and as it is common with theyouths. With their trends, Potvinasserts that products are the most sort after brandsby the youths.

Dubbedas a high fashion brand, accessories and apparel area brand that lives to be desired by all. Their products range fromMusic, Jewellery, Ear-wear, Accessories, and Apparel. Of all Armanibrands, brand is the most affordable and accessiblewith many items priced under 100$. Given that it is a worldwidebusiness, with stores in over 14 countries, their pricing varies(Potvin,77). Their pricing techniques are dependent on the average upper handor middle class in every country. Butcher explains that the pricingstrategy ensures that they offer competitive prices against highfashion brands. All the products that they have are designed,man-made, and circulated by . Its headquarters are inMilan, Italy and it owns all of its retail stores. All of theirmanufacturing is done in India, China, and Brazil. Their desireventure into India is ideal in the sense that the costs of productswill be low.

SinceIndia is one of the manufacturers of products, thecost of its products will be more affordable due to tax exemptions.Aside from being a popular brand with over 250 stores in 31countries, strives to meet its customers demand. Theygo an extra mile in design to ensure they deliver what the customersexpect in terms of trend and fashion. In turn, their desire to offertop trending brands leaves youth wanting to own their merchandise. Inaddition, Butcher adds that their efforts have helped other productsnot under the emblem develop with the parent brandbeing an example. Their flexible and affordable branding makes itideal to explore new market and expand as a company. Despite quotingIndia as a potential market that is looking toexploit, they can even explore individual countries and set up shops.The extent to which Armani products, including products are popular and associated with a class is an advantage(Butcher, p 6).

Whatmakes unique is a culture termed as street-chic(Potvin,112). The culture is a form of fashionable dance music thatoriginated from some European styles of dancing. In their advertisingcampaigns, features what they term as “above andbeyond” to “average” products. In addition, their retail storesare characterised by music that helps their customers understand whattheir products represent. Some of the stores play music stations andor might have live DJ (disc jockeys) (Potvin,221). Nonetheless, the music varies between stores depending on thelocation and the culture of the surrounding society (Potvin,192). Inside stores, they are colourfully designedwith a blend of artistic paintings and trending fashion. As for theirchoice of music, most of the American stores play music from TheElephant 6 Recording Company. The recording company is a collectiveof some American music artists. However, their choice of musicsignifies personal style and freedom. Since it is multinational, themusic played in their stores varies from location.

Inthe UK, most stores play record labels from Toolroom Knights. ArmaniExchange has patterned with the recording label in what they term asthe DJ residency series. Moreover, the stores alwaysemploy local DJ to play live on their stores. An example is in the UKwhere there was a time when all stores had livedeejay mixing from 2 – 4pm on Saturdays. In such initiatives,Exchange Armani welcomes, shoppers, music lovers, and all fans to therespective stores that hosts such events. Aside from music, thecompany hires professional photographers to photo-shoot their majorevents. Such an approach offers the attendees of the events anopportunity to capture the moment. It helps in marketing theirproducts as people share photos on social media.

AsPotvinmentioned, draws its inspiration from street-chicculture. Their target customers dictate most of the manner in whichthe stores operate and are managed. Most of the staff of ArmaniExchange are young and vibrant. The age bracket for the employeesespecially the sales people are below age 35 years. It is perceivedthat young salespersons will interact with their customers easily.The sense of belonging shoppers receive from when interacting withstaff they perceive to be within their age group is priceless.Furthermore, young staff are more acquainted to fashion and trend.They are aware of the latest and trending wears that they can adviseto shoppers and the company. The world of fashion is dynamic andvibrant. What need is to meet and surpass theircustomer’s demands. With the world of fashion being vibrant, it isparamount that they ensure they remain on top of their game. ArmaniExchange faces a lot of competition, counterfeits and have areputation to uphold.


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