Art Major-Training and Products

Being an arts major student is perhaps the most interesting thing,right form developing interests in the course to making a fantasticcareer for the training that comes with pursuing the arts training.Arts major is not only a lucrative career, but also a course thatprovides the student with lots of insights into the beauty of life.Therefore, not only will artists make the world beautiful and fun tolive in, they also create wealth and facilitate other people create avaluable picture and meaningful view of the world. The thought of theworld without art is simply repellant. Imagine the world withoutmusic, how else would people achieve entertainment, and where wouldall the information passed on to generations be disseminated withoutmusic. Besides music, there are more other products of art aspaintings and sculptures, which are used by countless number ofpeople for aesthetic value. A finished house without painting mightnot be the best thing to look. In fact, the most outstanding buildingdesigns and structures area product of art, especially consideringthat architecture is considered as an art. The world most conspicuouscities are recognized for their exceptional buildings withoutstanding architectural designs. In absence of such topnotchcreativity, the world would undoubtedly be so boring. That mentioned,the brief overview will take on a detailed exploration of the artsmajor, with keen interest on the skills that are required for theprofessionals in this field. Further, this paper will examine theknowledge base, as well as the ultimate objectives that are sought inan artist and in art. The knowledge base and the objectives willprobably wrap up the definition of an ideal professional in the fieldof art. Of further interests to this paper are, but not limited to,the elements required to practice art, work place dynamics and theproducts that are achieved from art with their importance in theworld.

Right from the first day in class there are various things that areinvolved with regard to learning art. Creativity comes in handy toensuring success in this field. Further, students are required totake in art activities with lots of imagination as imaginative mindsare crucial for success. Still under the things that are involved,learners are drilled to harness their talents and abilities, whichare channeled to facilitate production of great things in life. In anut shell, learners are required to be intensively disciplined infollowing their tutor’s instructions, as well as avail themselvesas per the schedules of learning. However talented, learners canpossibly take the wrong route if not well guided, and such preciseguidelines call for cooperation form the learner and absolutediscipline. Similar to other courses, art involves lots of learningactivities and lessons, which calls for basic knowledge of how topaint, make a sculpture, or even write a song.

A successful completion of an art major demands that a student gainsubstantial command of technical skills that are central to thesubject matter. The masterly of the technical skills equips studentswith the ability to adapt and fit in any situation, however diverse,and apply his art skills to maneuver and get the best way out.Imperatively, life does not present individuals or even professionalswith a setoff conditions that can easily be perfected. Contrarily,life events are twisted and require unique input every time toguarantee success. Artists who manage to portray competitivetechnical skills in their field of study and practice are mostadmired.

Secondly, artists always work in company or collaboration with otherpeople. It is hardly possible for a singer, however talented, write asong, produce it, play the instruments and dance in his song. Atleast, the person will need dancers, a vocalist, someone who can playthe music instruments required in the song, among others. Therefore,people skills, as well as interpersonal skills are very important, inaddition to technical skills of the craft. An artist should be ableto smoothly relate to the people he works, be it his colleagues orhis juniors, without belittling the contribution of other people.

Further, it is crucial for an artist to portray admirable listeningand attentive skills. Unless attentive to details, an artist mightmiss the most vital addition to a product. It is common to paintersand sculptors to produce highly detailed and fine products, and suchproducts can lose lot of value from a slight error.

Furthermore, the most ultimate objectives that are sought in anartist is being the best in his respective specialty. Such anobjective have been achieved by renowned artists, whose productsendure the test of time and fashion. A successful artist does nothave necessarily to be the richest, but the one who dedicate hisentire life, strength and talent for the good of mankind. Therefore,an ideal professional in the field of art is defined, more on oftenthan not, by his contribution both to the growing of the artknowledge base and the actual products in art. History hasencountered artists who became rusty after their original trainingfailed to adapt to the new trends in the market. In this respect,ideal professionals should be trendy and easily cope with thechanging needs for the clients. Considering that art products areconsumed by clients who order them, keeping up with the dynamics ofthe market is a requirement.

Creating something in art is, in most cases, based on an insight inthe mind of the artist, maybe in response to something that happened.From the mental insight, the artist uses his imagination andcreativity to create a product, be it a painting, poem, song or asculpture. The process of creating something is not a one offactivity that one can complete within a couple of hours. Suchprocesses involve intensive concentration and dedication, whilekeeping an open mind for any possible changes before the finalproduct is achieved. Consultations from one point to the next areexpected

The element of patience is critical in practicing art as somecareers in art take time to achieve something. Secondly, one mustalways work with positive intentions and never cause harm to othersintentionally. Helping others to develop and grow in their career isalso a vital element, and a professional art should not be afraidthat he will be surpassed by another person. Instead, he shouldembrace competition and appreciate other people for their creativity.

In cases where a professional artists is involved in creatingsomething in collaboration with his fellow artists, the contributionsmade by the colleagues must be acknowledged at all possible levels.Although one might be in charge, opinions from others should berespected and given serious considerations before a decision ofwhether to pick or drop them is made. Most importantly, the rule oflaw must always govern the activities of the artists in their entireendeavors.

The literal dynamics of the workplace for a professional artist mightvary, depending on the field of interest. For professional artistswho prefer performance arts, their workplaces are loud, fast andinvolve lots of movements. Contrarily, artists who work in paintingdrawing workshops operate in an environment that is static, silentand slow. The above named dynamics can vary in each extreme dependingon the demands of the job.

The outcomes of art are as diverse as the fields of specialization inthe course. The most common products, however, include valuablepaintings and drawing that can be seen in art galleries and museums.Further, there are creative sculptures that are produced from eitherwood, stones or metal representing different images, animals,landscapes and historical heroic figures. As mentioned earlier,outstanding architectural designs of the most unique buildings in thefamous cities are also products of art. On the same note, thedecorations that are made on such buildings are also products of art.In the same list of products are songs and poems, which make theworld an entertaining place to live.

Art provides lots of positive impact in the world and has broughtlots of benefits to the lives of human beings. The earth would belacking lots of valuable features and creativity touches in absenceof art. The most crucial importance is the creation of employmentopportunities to thousands of people in the world thus improvingtheir living standards.