Attracting and Preserving Resourceful Staff in the Publishing Field The Connection between Entrepreneurship Familiarity and Personal Ingenuity

Attractingand Preserving Resourceful Staff in the Publishing Field: TheConnection between Entrepreneurship Familiarity and PersonalIngenuity

Attractingand Preserving Resourceful Staff in the Publishing Field: TheConnection between Entrepreneurship Familiarity and PersonalIngenuity

Successfulbusinesses often attract and retain innovative employees in therespective industry. On the same note, the management needs todifferentiate the association between enterprise knowledge andindividual inventiveness. An individual with specialized training ina given field requires some time to acquire technical knowhow neededto run the respective investment. On the contrary, a person can be aspecialist in a given field and yet he or she is still unable todeliver maximum productivity (How to attract, retain and engageemployees, 2008).

TheDC Network ® platform is an essential information resource for thedoctoral students. If I posted the above question, I expect to getthe first response in approximately three hours from either aninstructor or another student in the same field. In most cases, theexperts login in intervals of about three hours. As such, I wouldexpect three hours to be the maximum period someone knowledgeable inthe niche would take to answer the question (Gandomi &amp Haider,2015).

Iexpect to receive directional responses for the above question. Sincethe topic is vast, respondents will most likely recommend books,blogs, articles and journals that can assist me to understand theconcepts better.


Ittook about thirty minutes to receive the first response after Iposted the question at the DC Network platform. The question camefrom a librarian. He elaborated the concepts of the topic slightlyand then recommended two books and an article that developed on thesubject. In two hours, I had generated five other responses. Tworesponses were posted by fellow students, one by an active CEO in oneof the Fortune 500 Companies while the other two were responses fromthe lecturers. Each response was unique but to some extent related tothe other answers (Sanfelice, 2014).

Theinformation I received from all the posts was useful because theanswers provided additional resources that I could use to understandthe information better. As a doctoral student, we emphasize onacquiring information from resources with credible ethos, pathos andlogos. Each answer contained a reference to an external resource thatprovided detailed facts regarding the subject (Sanfelice, 2014).


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