Attraction in Interpersonal Relationships


Attractionin Interpersonal Relationships

Attractionin Interpersonal Relationships

Meetingpeople for the first time sparks a need to look up to some qualitiesbefore forming a relationship with them. Personally, I look at thequalities of honesty, integrity and communication as the priorityqualities. At the same time, I consider the qualities of humility,adaptability and mannerism as important in the interaction process.To allow better interaction, I look up for a good listener and acourageous communicator, along with being a cheerful person. Inaddition, I look up to caring, understanding, confidential andrespectful people who will be sensitive to the issues of otherpeople.

Theattraction to other people involves a number of factors considered byeach of the parties in a meeting (Kory, 2009). Personally, I getattracted to people who have similar personal qualities like I have.According to Dwyer (2013), these qualities create the originalattraction that helps me to accommodate the differences that I mightdiscover in people later on. According to the attraction theory,people attract each other as a result of the similarity between them(Bevan &amp Sole, 2014). Therefore, these similarities form thebasis of the factors that they consider. Therefore, I look at thequalities listed above as a guide of the similarity that we may behaving with the people I meet. The similarity is relevant becausethese are the same qualities I have.

Alifetime example of the first time attraction is the supervisor I wasallocated on my first day during my internship in a small companyoffice. At the first meeting, the supervisor had all the qualities ofa person who could be a friend. Initially, he was honest, listeningand cheerful. However, our work relationship did not get alongbecause he later used the friendship to load me up with the officialwork he was supposed to do. The friendship changed because he wastaking advantage of my internship and the friendship to exploit myefforts.


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