Being a Nurse Leader Walking the Talk


Beinga Nurse Leader: Walking the Talk

Beinga Nurse Leader: Walking the Talk

Beinga nurse means being a leader who will change the society by leadingin the transformation of health care. This is the biggest lesson Ihave learnt in my successful training at Chamberlain College, and Ihave all the ambitions and intentions to live up to this lesson. Asper the mission of the college, I will practice the compassion that Ihave learnt in the college and apply the ethics that are needed inthe nursing practice. The best thing to happen to my profession is tohave learnt these ethics from Chamberlain College as well as theskills needed to practice them.

Iwill fulfill the mission of the college by living up to my ambitionof being a nurse leader. I will endeavor to do the right thing as perthe ethical expectations of a nurse, and lead others in doing so.According to Klainbergand Dirschel(2010), being a nurse leader requires learning the ability toinfluence the behavior of others. Therefore, I will apply the immenseknowledge that I have gained from the college to influence thesociety and the nurse practitioners towards a better health care.Moreover, I will closely keep in touch with the college in order toexplore advanced trainings in the profession and commit myself tolearn more.

Asa nurse leader, I will commit myself to the professional standardslearnt in the college and practice according to the nursing ethics.For example, I will not bend the rules at my place of practice inorder to favor a patient or the health institution. I will practicemy nursing as the profession demands, no matter the weight of thesacrifice that will be required of me. In this way, I will endeavorto be a nurse leader and live up to the mission of the college.


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