Brand Marketing


PartOne: Fact Finding


Forthis assignment, the brand I have chosen is Blackberry. I have chosenthis topic because Blackberry is facing some serious issues in theworld of smartphones. Once considered a symbol of the elite, todayBlackberry is almost a forgotten brand. This fits into the theme ofthe assignment of choosing a brand that has a poor advertising.

10Blackberry Facts

  1. Founded in 1984 as Research In Motion Limited, changed name to Blackberry Limited in 2013.

  2. At one point (2010) had a smartphone market share of 43%. Today, it’s about 1.8 %.

  3. Major Products include – Blackberry phones and Blackberry Enterprise Service.

  4. Three operating systems have been released by Blackberry since its inception – Blackberry OS (Java), Blackberry Tablet OS (QNX) and Blackberry 10 (QNX)

  5. The last time the company was profitable was in the year 2012. It has not been profitable since then and continues to run at a loss.

  6. Blackberry was previously led by an unusual two CEO system of Mike Lazardis and Jim Balsillie. Since the problem with market share started, they both lost their jobs. The current CEO is John S. Chen

  7. On October 10th 2011, Blackberry server went down, taking with it the functionality to send and receive email and BBM messages.

  8. At its peak, Blackberry subscribers numbered over 79 million. As of today, the numbers are less than 46 million.

  9. Previously BBM messenger was available only on Blackberry. As of today, BBM is available on competing platforms such as Apple (iOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Phone).

  10. Blackberry also released a tablet called as Blackberry Playbook. The tablet was released half-finished and did not even have an email client.

5Facts about Main Competitor – Apple

  1. Apple entered the smartphone market with the release of iPhone in the year 2007.

  2. The latest devices offered by Apple are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

  3. Market Share of iOS is 41.3 % in United States, and is the largest among smartphones.

  4. Apple has an excellent app eco system, wide range of services and devices like iTunes. Much of which is not available with Blackberry.

  5. While Blackberry sales declined, Apple sales have boomed. Currently, Apple is the most valuable publicly traded company.

10Facts about Target Audience

  1. Previously, the target market for blackberry phones was exclusively made up of business users who needed continues access to email and information.

  2. Right now, almost everybody is a target audience for Blackberry phones.

  3. Our potential customers need a platform that has all the apps they need, and is available on competing platforms.

  4. Our customers need touch enabled phones and they no longer need physical keyboard.

  5. Our customers associate themselves with something that is functional, and hence makes their everyday life better.

  6. Our customers include office goers, college students and businessman. Considering how ubiquitous smartphones have become, almost anybody who uses a phone right now, becomes our potential customer.

  7. Users of iPhone, especially those who have abandoned us, are a high priority.

  8. The age group to target is 14 – 40.

  9. Our users need and use app based services like chatting and photo taking a lot.

  10. Users from moderate to heavy usage of social networks are also our target segment.

PartTwo: Creative Brief


BlackberryMessenger or BBM, This is the messaging platform that has been onBlackberry and is one of the most used messengers in the world.



Chiefcompetitors are – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype.

Growthof messengers has been tied to growth of platforms on which they areavailable. BBM was only made available on other platforms recently.Hence BBM usage is low on iOS and android.

Whoare we talking to?

Ourtarget market is the smartphone users in the age group 14 to 40, whouse chat systems extensively.


Communicationhas shifted from voice to text. BBM fills that need.

Whatthe customer currently thinks of us?

Asof now, customers have a poor opinion about Blackberry, and thatopinion extends to BBM. Customers simply think of BBM as just anotherlate arriving messenger. They would rather use WhatsApp or Facebookthan use BBM.

Whatwe can do?

Wecan focus on the security features of BBM, the one thing that othermessengers cannot promise. Privacy is gaining traction amongsmartphone users.


BBMis used by corporates and even government agencies. They won’t useour messengers if they weren’t so sure.


Thetone of the ad will be simplistic, reflecting the casual nature ofusing chat service. It will also be slightly serious, as it willfocus on security and encryption.

PartFour: Branded Content

Inorder to popularize the BBM messenger, the plan would be to tie upwith a web content provider, like a YouTube channel which hassubscribers that fall under our target demography. The web contentwould be like a web series, with each episode focusing on thedifferent features of BBM and Blackberry phones in every dayscenarios.

Hereare some instances that might be included in these episodes.

  • One episode would feature a group of iPhone users whose account has been hacked due to poor security in the device. The Blackberry on the other hand is secure and has not suffered any hacking incident.

  • An episode that focuses on the speed and reliability with which BBM delivers messages. The episode will also showcase how users can use BBM on their iPhones and Android devices.

  • Another episode would focus on the ease of getting friends who aren’t yet using BBM to use BBM.

  • Another episode would focus on how Blackberry is actually a more robust and secure mobile OS to use.

PartFive: Engagement Concept

Thebest way to market BBM would be through promotional events. Themessenger is an app that can be used by almost everybody. One way ofengaging with the customers would be to setup booths that conductmini events that focus around the BBM messenger experience. The eventwould include a number of games that will allow customers toparticipate.

Groupactivities will be conducted at this event. Prizes could includegiving away Blackberry devices. Contests could be run using BBMmessenger, like some sort of a virtual treasure where communicationcan only happen through BBM. Another contest would be how fast theevent participants can chat via BBM. A quick quiz can also beconducted at the event to check how much participants know about BBM.

Dependingon the kind of responses we get, we will able to understand theirmentality and rethink our advertising strategy to get more people touse BBM.