Brief Biography


HillaryClinton was born in Illinois on 26th October 1947. She was born tothe family of Mr. and Mrs. Rodham. She went to Park Ridge schoolafter which she enrolled at Maine East High School. After her highschool, she enrolled at Wellesley College where her major was inPolitical Science, and this explains why she is into politics. Inschool, she aided in human activist campaigns, and this saw herthrough the formulation of her political vision. She joined Yaleschool of law for her postgraduate studies (Brown $ Allen, 122-130).

Pastand Current Positions

HillaryClinton was elected as The President of Wellesley Young Republicans.She was opposed to the idea of negative ethnicity, and she wasassigned by Professor Alan Schechter as an intern at the House ofRepublican Conference where she wrote several articles criticizingradical American community. Hillary Clinton adopted her in-depthpolitical career life from her husband, Bill Clinton. She became thechairperson of the Africansas Education standards committee where shefought to destroy the government implemented sanction program.Clinton Became the First Lady at the time her Husband was electedinto office in 1993. She was appointed by her husband Bill to lead inthe Healthcare reform agenda where she still entirely perfectly inher mission to increase awareness of human rights. Hillary was thefirst state secretary where she served under the leadership ofPresident Barrack Obama (Rehnshon $ Stanley, 255-270).


HillaryClinton describes herself as “a big believer in helping thecommunity and work ethics that hold people responsible”. She has akind of complicated life framework which she says to be a result ofher personal experiences in life. Being an activist, Clinton has beenseen in several attempts in struggling to associate the government insolving social problems. Since her first time in politics, Clintonhas kept on fighting for the human right specifically women andchildren in her endeavor to enhance the activist profile. Every timeshe appears in public, she never fails to mention “children rightsare human rights and women rights are human rights.” Her concernfor humanity was manifested in a fund-raising ceremony one time inBahamas. She highly demonized President Bush’s idea of cutting taxshe made the people understand that reducing tax won’t help themsince resources will be taken away from them gradually.

Opinionas a president.

HillaryClinton is a strategist who is focused on Humanity. After servingunder in the office of the President for quite some time, she has gotevery quality for her to be the best leader that America has everhad. Her Candidacy highly stands for increased humanitarian focus.She is good for the country that for centuries been seen withnegative ethnicity. She also stands against Republicans who dare tocounter the needs of women. Clinton is the best candidate for everyliberal minded citizen, during her complaints she has made peopleunderstand how much she has a fair look on how to structure theincome of the country. She has debated for a form of regulatedspending by the government to ensure that will ensure that everyproject in the economy will be accounted for. Considering herpolicies on wealth, she has the best knowledge of how to make everycitizen live a better life (Rehnshon $ Stanley, 255-270).


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