Bush Heritage- Australia Billy for the Bush Campaign


Bush Heritage-Australia: Billy for the Bush Campaign


Bush Heritage-Australia: Billy for the Bush campaign


Bush Heritagewas founded in the year 1990 by Dr Bob Brown and based in Melbourne,Australia. Bush Heritage is a non-profit organization, which mainlypurchases land, assessed as being of high conservation value fromprivate owners and manages them for conservation purposes. Some ofthe main aims of this national organization are to preserve theendangered species and preserve Australia’s biodiversity. Accordingto Bush HeritageAustralia (2014) reporton Bush Heritage Australia, by the year 2011, the organization washelping conserve over 67 threatened vegetation communities and morethan 236 threatened plant and animal species. Apart from privatelandowners, the non-profit organization also partners with Aboriginalgroups to assist them develop and implement conservation plans ontheir land.

Theorganization focus is conservation on a landscape scale. Afteracquiring a land, it first constructs feral-proof fences around itand then develops them to become reserves mainly for conservationpurposes. Recent research on the organization reveals that some ofits properties are hundreds of thousands of hectares. Currently, theorganization is funded by generous donations. It has around 30,000active supporters, a figure, which is believed to grow with time asthe organization, becomes more popular through campaigns especiallythrough various platforms of social media. However, the organizationis experiencing a challenge in winning young supporters since itcurrent demographics show that more than 70% of the supporters are 55years old and above. This means that the organization needs to laymore tactics to reach out to young, innovative and knowledgeablesupporters who will help the organizations achieve its goals. One ofthe strengths of this organization is that it is practical andpolitically relevant since it receives donations from across thepolitical range. This means that the organization does not involveitself in advocacy.

Currently,Bush Heritage is focused on growing at a quick but steady pace.According to a report by Australia’s department of Environment,Water and Heritage, Australia is in the midst of a biodiversitycrisis (BushHeritage Australia, 2011).International groups have set targets for habitat to be set aside inan effort to reserve biodiversity loss. To achieve such targets, morebiodiversity must be preserved and conserved and this means thatconservation organizations such as Bush Heritage must expand.September 7 is the National Threatened Species Day. This day has notbeen recognized so much in the past but Bush Heritage have planned topilot a new event that will request its supporters to mark the daywith an informal friends/family/colleagues along the lines ofAustralia’s Biggest Morning Tea. It will be promoted as ‘Billyfor the Bush’. The organization will ask its supporters to registertheir event (with the option to fundraise online). They will thenreceive a host pack of bush tea, seeds, recipes and supportinginformation to share with invited attendees. It is believed that thiswill not only attract more supporters but will reach out to youngsupporters who will help come up with innovative ideas, which willhelp the organization grow and achieve its objectives.


  • To ensure long-term protection of Australia’s biodiversity through the acquisition and management of land, water and wildlife

  • Protect the Endangered species from being extinct by offering safe reserves to live in.

  • Expand and attract young supporters who will steer the organization towards achieving its goals.


  • Raise $200,000 towards ongoing flora and fauna monitoring programs across reserves.

  • Confirm at least 20 online influencers to promote the Billy for the Bush campaign to potential young donors to Billy for the Bush online fundraising project page.

  • Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to enhance communication and foster a sense of connectedness amongst supporters and teams on reserves

  • Increase online mention on Facebook and Twitter in order to engage more with young donors.


Apartfrom the owners, Bush Heritage has various stakeholders. Theseinclude private landowners in partnership with the organization,aboriginal groups and several volunteers. The success of this socialmedia fundraising campaign will impact the future of Bush Heritage asan organization as well as people who have volunteered theirresources and time to ensure Australia’s biodiversity if conserved.With social media, Bush Heritage will be able to find younger donorsand increase their donor base. According to Lake (2015), manynon-private organizations use social media for their marketingpurposes since its cost-effective and hence does not require a lot offunding. With larger number young supporters, Bush Heritage will beable to continue and expand its conservation projects hence helpAustralia in conserving and protecting its endangered flora andfauna.


This campaign primarily aims toreach out to young Australians aged 18 to 40 who are new to theorganisation. In order to stand out from competing charities and tocreate ongoing relationships, the tactics used needs to be appealingand informative. Long-time donors and supporters of Bush Heritage mayalso be keen to participate in this Billy for the Bush fundingcampaign. Using social media will engage with those online, who aremainly young and keep Bush Heritage activities a priority in theirdaily routines.


Varioustactics will also be adopted to achieve the objectives as listedabove:

  1. Crowd funding to raise $200,000 for conservation purposes

Bush Heritage plans to usereward-based crowd funding to raise $200,000towards ongoing flora and fauna monitoring programs across reserves.The use of rewards attracts many people and when relevant rewards arechosen, the campaign can be incredibly successful. Rewards relevantto the organization also have the capability to make donors andsupporters feel connected to the organization in real life, thuscreating an opportunity for long-term relationships. AustralianAsylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) used crowd fundingin 2015 to raise over $ 153,412 to deliverservices to over 1,300 asylum seekers through programs such asmaterial aid, health, legal, and counselling, casework and food bank.On September 7th,the day set aside for NationalThreatened Species Day, Bush Heritage will organize an online event,which will be promoted as ‘Billy for the Bush’. The organizationwill ask its supporters to register their event (with the option tofundraise online). They will then receive a host pack of bush tea,seeds, recipes and supporting information to share with invitedattendees. This occasion is not only aimed at raising funds, but alsobringing the people interested in conservation, their families andfriends together hence creating a forum in which they can share theirideas and strategies on how best biodiversity can be conserved.

  1. Online influencers to promote the Billy for the Bush campaign

20 from the few young supportersthat the Bush Heritage has will be requested to promote thiscampaign. They will use their Facebook platform to reach out to theirfriends and followers who mainly range between the age of 18 and 35.Despite the fact that this group of supporters is the smallest, it isthe most popular in social media platform such as Facebook since theyconnect and communicate with their friends and families through it.Therefore, this groups will be the most reliable to promote thecampaign. They will be required to share a link directing supportersand friends to the Billy for the Bush campaign page five times forthe duration of the campaign. A copy of the social media release willbe provided to inform the management team about the campaign.

  1. Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter will be thetwo main social media platforms used in promoting this campaign.According to Safko &amp Brake (2009), Facebook and twitter are amongthe most commonly utilized social-media platforms by young people.Using Facebook and Twitter, Bush Heritage will be able to generateinformation and footing that will help bring in new donors and youngsupporters. It will also provide Bush Heritage with an opportunity tostrengthen the existing relationships.


This campaign’s success willbe reflected upon whether the objectives are met. To measure the useFacebook and twitter, Social media monitoring (SMM) will be utilized.Programs such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck will also be utilized insummarizing and monitoring discussions across various social mediaplatforms. However, according to Charlene &amp Groundswell (2008)such programs have a disadvantage in that they cannot differentiatepositive and negative feedback. Therefore, some of the Bush Heritagestaff will be required to give a helping hand in interpreting theinformation. The number of online registration for Billy for Bushcampaigns will be measured using quantitative methods to accesswhether the target to raise $200,000 will be achieved. Bush Heritagewill also use a short questionnaire to identify which social mediaplatforms are preferred by the donors. This will help in accessingthe effectiveness of the 20 Facebook influencers and hence knowwhether to include them in future projects.


It is believed that the Billyfor the Bush online fundraising campaign will be able to raise$200,000 and attract more young donors to bring innovative ideas,which will grow the organization. Currently, social media platformssuch as Facebook and twitter are the most common among the youth andthe organization therefore aims to utilize the two in reaching out tothis group of donors that is currently lacking.

SocialMedia News Release

April 29th2015

Billyfor the Bush: Enhanced conservation for EndangeredTAGS

Australia’sprecious Biodiversity

Bush Heritage Australia commenced their first crowd-funding project today by the name “Billy for the Bush Campaign”. With help from 20 of its young supporters, the initiative hopes to raise $200,000 towards ongoing flora and fauna monitoring programs across reserves.


According to a recent research, Australia is facing a crisis in terms of biodiversity loss. Billy for the Bush is a campaign which is aimed at assist Australia as a nation conserves its endangered flora and fauna.


To raise enough funds to achieve these goals, Bush Heritage has decided to crowd-fund in order to attract more donors especially the young generations, which is highly innovative.


Upon registration to its online fundraising, Bush Heritage will offer a host package of Bush Tea, recipes and information to be shared with the people in attendance at the September 7th occasion.

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Endangered species

Bush Heritage Australia Reserves


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