Business Ethics Case Study


BusinessEthics Case Study

Ethicaland Legal Issues That Albert Needs To Be Aware of

Abusinessperson is supposed to operate ethically and only engage inlegal business. Albert should be aware that spinning is a criminaloffense. What Barry has been doing for him is not ethical and it isillegal. He should also be careful not to heed to Barry’s threat,as it is also criminal to give insider information. Heeding to therequest of his supervisor will also be unethical and could put himinto trouble once it is discovered.

Advantagesand disadvantages of each decision that Albert could make and hasmade

Itwas wrong to accept Barry’s offer of placing their trade before anorder from a client. This worked to his advantage initially, but itcame to haunt him when Barry demanded that he returns the favor. Ifhe bows down to the pressure from Barry, he will be disadvantaginghimself as he will lose out when it is discovered and he could end uplosing his job and trust of his clients.

Ifhe makes the decision to turn down the offer of a Christmas bonus andpayment of tax, he will be protecting his future as a trustworthy andhonest employee. On the other hand, if he accepts the offer from hissupervisor, like Mary, he will be out of employment once the same isdiscovered. It could even be a trap.

Pressuresthat have brought about these issues

Themain pressures that have brought about these issues include the urgeto get rich quickly by creating a large client base. In addition, thefact that his wife Mary was out of employment, made him feel that hehad to step up as their income had been cut into half.