Cardiovascular Disease



Cardiovasculardiseases refer to a wide range of illness that affects thefunctioning of the heart. Cardiovascular diseases is one of theleading causes of death in U.S and most of the developed worldhowever changes in lifestyle in the developing countries habits havecause cardiovascular related illnesses to ranked as the world’sleading cause of death according to the World Health Organization. In2012, the disease claimed over 17.5 million lives which was 31% ofall deaths reported in that year (WorldHealth Organization, 2015).In this essay, the author will discuss the past and present impact ofnurses in addressing the health issues and discuss how nurses areinvolved in influencing health policies related to cardiovasculardiseases. Finally, the author will hypothesize how nurses canpositively impact the future outcomes related to the provision ofcare for cardiovascular disease patients.

Nurseshave always been at the forefront in fighting cardiovascular diseasearound the world. This is usually the case because the nurses spendthe most time with the patients and know some of the risk factorsassociated with the heart disease and some of the impacts the nurseshave brought to the table include organizing forums and drives wherethey educate the people about the risks of being obese, acquiringtype diabetes, hypertension and the use of alcohol and cigarettes andtheir impact on the human heart.

Inaddition, the nurses have been involved in initiatives such as theimproving health outcomes initiatives which is a multi-million dollarprogram that brings medical professionals and patients together(American Medical Association, 2013).Through their nursing association they have been instrumental inmaking suggestions in the health care act or the Obama care by makingcontributions on health related matters. The nurses can bepositively involved in provision of care for cardiovascular diseasesby educating the community about the advantages of living healthy andembracing health habits.


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