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Children Story Adaptation Project



On the TV is an ending of an advertisement, followed by theannouncement of the recent theft. Marty comes in through the frontdoor of the garage.MARTYCalling out for Doc whileentering the garage and whistling for Einstein the dog mentioning onhow the place is in a mess (IMDb, para. 2).

Doc, are u around? This place is untidy.

Marty rolls his skateboard on the floor hitting a box. Turning onDoc’s amplifier setting it loud, he plugs in his electric guitar.The system blows up, and Marty pushing at the bookshelf. Deafeningringing of the telephone crams the garage (IMDb, paras 2-3).

Whoa shockedDOC

Hi MARTY, we can meet up tonight at 1:15am at the Twin PinesMall.MARTYHello, Doc. Where have you been the wholeweek?DOCI have been busy working.MARTYItseems like your equipment was on all week.DOCRemembering(V.O) Do not connect the amplifier, there’s a minorpossibility of overburden.MARTYstaring at the damagedamplifier (IMDb, para 4) I will keep that in mind.DOCThenumerous clocks go off chiming loudly (IMDb, para 5) What isthe time on the clock?MARTYIt is Eight o’clock

Thrilled by the information showing the success of his experiment,the Doc reveals his clocks 25 minutes late in time. MARTY hangs upand rushes out of the garage as he is late for school (IMDb, para 5).

FADE OUT.EXT. HILL VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL-DAYMARTYjumps off his skateboard and take it into his hand on arriving at theschool.

JENNIFER his girlfriend is waiting for him.JENNIFER.Mr.Strickland is looking for you.MARTYDoc’s clocks are set25 minutes late, and that is why I am late. Not my fault.MR.STRICKLAND (He appears and overhears Marty mentioning the Doc)Are you hanging around with Doc? You will get in trouble if youare still hanging around with him. He is a dangerous man. You are aloafer just like your father. FADE OUT.INT.AUDITORIUM –DAYPresentation of another band is over. MARTY’sband is next on stage.MARTYWe are Pinheads presenting ThePower of LoveThe band was asked to stop by one judge, tellingthem they are loud (IMDb, para 7). FADE OUT

EXT. COURTHOUSE SQUARE- DAYMarty and Jennifer arewalking.MARTYI do not think my music will gofar.JENNIFERNo. Your music is good, and you should trysending your audition tape to record company.MARTYLookingup and admiring a new Toyota pickup truck being delivered to theStatler Toyota dealership (IMDb, para,8)I think they will notaccept it.JENNIFERDoes your mum know about tomorrownight?MARTYShe has no idea. She knows I am going to campwith the guys.As they are about to kiss, Jennifer’s fatherarrived to pick her up.JENNIFER

Love you!MARTY smiles looking at her and rides home on hisskateboard while JENNIFER gets in the car (IMDb, paras8-10). FADE OUT.INT. DINNING ROOM-NIGHTMARTY and his family are having dinner. Dave leaves forwork.LINDA

Marty, Jennifer called earlier asking for you.LORRAINEAnygirl who chases a boy is looking for trouble. When I was Linda’sage, I never did that.Lorraine lectures MARTY and insists whenLinda tries to defend him (IMDb, para 10).EXT. TWIN PINES MALL-NIGHTMARTY heads to meet the Doc. Doc carries out an experimentusing Einstein and shows Marty a flux capacitor.MARTYWhydoes DeLorean run on instead of Gasoline?

DOCIt needs plutonium as a nuclear reaction is required togenerate power to the flux capacitor.Shortly after Doc tellsMARTY about his deal with the Libyan terrorists, a man pops out ofthe roof of a Volkswagen driving to the parking lot and startsshooting (IMDb, paras 11-15). FADE OUT.

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