Physicalappearance is the main aspect that differentiates a creature with anormal human being. The people who will see the creator have opinionson its looks and not any other aspects that it might be possessing.When victor first creates a creature and takes note of its uglyappearance, he becomes astounded and leaves the creature due to itsugly look. The reason why he leaves is because of the ugly look ofthe creature just like how many people would have done. The creatureis considered an outcast and should not be associated with anyactivity of the normal people in the society.

Theact of Victor leaving the creature can be described as a morallywrong move by Victor. The creature is the son of Victor sine he wasthe one who created it and should therefore be there to help it inall its needs. The reason why Victor leaves the creature is becauseof it ugly look, a reason which he should not take since he is theone who made the decision to create the creature. Victor is hurtingthe creature emotionally since he is not taking of it and he is theonly person with whom they have a bonding with. The only chance forthe creature to have happiness is by associating with Victor andsince victor has disowned it, it becomes emotionally distressed.

Victor`sactions can be likened to the actions of a monster. A monster doesnot have feelings and regardless of the prevailing situations, amonster does not care about anything. In this story, Victor hascreated a creature and due to its looks, he distances himself fromthe creature by refusing to have any form of connection with thecreature when he is its creator. When victor disowns the creature, itfeels deserted and in an effort of drawing Victor near, it startskilling nearby people. Through the killing of the people that areclose to Victor, the creature feels that they will be able to bondwith Victor as its creator where Victor will be responsible for itsexistence and will provide for all its needs.

WhenVictor learns of the news that the creature he created is killingpeople, he sets out to kill the creature himself. The ambition ofkilling the creature becomes so eminent in Victor such that she loseshimself and he really cannot comprehend his actions and the negativeeffect that they are having on him. The monster character is alsodepicted when Victor is talking with the man on the ship, demandinghim to complete his work, which is a contradictory statement after hehad explicitly stated that his ambition was to kill the creature thathe had created.

Insummary, Victor is the real monster through the story. This isbecause, when Monster realized that the creature he created was notgood looking, he stopped caring about it. If Victor would have takencare of the creature, it is more likely that the creature would haveabsorbed itself in the human nature and live well alongside otherhuman beings. However, the actions of victor of ignoring the creatureled to the development of negative aspects of killing people, in abid to bond with its creator.