Communication class



Communicationis, with no doubt, one of the most fundamental aspects pertaining tohuman beings whether in the contemporary or the traditional society.Indeed, it may be credited with the immense progress that humanbeings have made towards globalization, particularly given thatindividuals would have to pass messages to other people beyond theboundaries of their countries or even continents. Perhaps it is therecognition of this fact that caused me to take the communicationclass.

Thecommunication class has been one of the most exciting and,interestingly, challenging classes that I have ever taken. Of course,the idea of it being challenging came as a surprise particularlyconsidering that that is what human beings do at any time, whetherthey have taken the course or not. In essence, it was supposed to beinforming me about the same thing that I have been doing for close tomy entire life. However, this class provided entirely new informationthat would not only allow me to communicate but also do iteffectively.

Perhapsthe most exciting things about the communication class were theregular discussions that I used to hold with my classmates regardingclass content. It is always exciting to have to share and discuss newconcepts that have been learnt and still do it in a practical waythat allows for the better comprehension of the same. More often thannot, individuals would be having varying perceptions regarding theclass content and even have different understanding of the same. Inessence, discussions of the concepts learnt in class were crucial inallowing for brainstorming and giving out one’s personal view ofthe same. This enabled immense participation, as well as retention ofthe lessons learnt.

Onthe same note, quite a lot was to be learnt regarding speech making.It should be noted that the concept of speech making becomes evenmore complicated considering the numerous elements that are at play.For instance, one has to take care of both his verbal and non-verbalcues. Perhaps the most important thing that plays a role in theeffective speeches is finding a perfect balance between the wordsthat come out of one’s mouth and the body language or rather themessage that the body is sending to the audience. In fact, this maybe the key difference between effective speakers that get things doneand move crowds merely on account of their speeches and ineffectiveones who are yet to learn the craft. Lessons regarding how this playsout allows for examination of the world leaders that are consideredgreat speakers, an element that was eye-opening for me as I could seewhy they managed to move crowds and align them to a particular cause.

Ofcourse, learning the lessons pertaining to doing great speeches wouldnot have been enough to make me a good speaker. Indeed, it oftentakes years of practice to gain the lessons and become good in theart. Fortunately, I had opportunities to practice the lessons learntin my class and even in the group discussions. Perhaps the mostexciting thing about this is the fact that not only did I haveopportunities to have fun while at it but also get my friends tooffer constructive criticism that could only make me a betterlistener and communicator. All in all, the class was exciting andmore hands-on.