Communication Competence



Communicationskills are one of the most important skills that one can have. Eventhough, there are different communication skills. I have criticalcommunication skills which are necessary in my relationship withothers. One of the skills that I posses is listening. Listening incommunication is very important. To interact with people and to beable to understand them, one must be ready to listen effectively. Inaddition I understand and appreciate the role of non verbalcommunication. Body language as it’s widely referred to is animportant communication skill. I always ensure that I coordinate mycommunication with gestures. Nodding for example shows agreement oracceptance (Brink &amp Costigan, 2014). Another area that I showwhen communicating is confidence. For effective communication, onemust be confident in what they say or portray. This assures otherpeople that one is confident or sure with what he or she is saying(Bevan &amp Sole, 2014). An area that I need improvement is empathy.Instead of showing other people that I understand them, I tell themstraight on their face that they are wrong. This makes myrelationship with others very strenuous as they fear expressingthemselves or their views.

Improvingmy communication is not only beneficial to me, but also enhances myrelationship with other people (Conrad &amp Newberry, 2012). It willmake my work easy through interaction and understanding. As such, Ihave resolved to emphasize on empathy when communicating andinteracting with other people. This will generally enhance myrelationship with colleagues and coworkers. Ultimately, I haveplaced a lot of importance on my communication skills by realizinghow important these skills are in every day interaction. I have alsofocused on improving on my weak points when it comes tocommunication.


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