Community Hurricane Preparedness




CommunityHurricane Preparedness

Itis important for the university to have a clear plan to not onlyprotect the individuals in a institution but also the assets of theUniversity. The clear guideline will be able to identify threats andalso identify a clear channel on how to respond in case of a storm.One of the issues with the current personnel is that it is notinvolving and most of the employees are not well versed.

Toensure success of specific plan in the university there are certainconditions that have to be achieved. One is that teamwork has to beencouraged as this will bring a certain specific trend ofpreparedness. The second important feature is employee should be welltraining and certified by the disaster body that they have finishedthe course. Community Hurricane preparedness is very important foreach and every staff in the university[ CITATION Dic13 l 1033 ]. Theroles can be divided into faculty to ensure a lean team to manage andcan enable faculties to train its employees and also to inform themof changes that are to be made in future. This will lead totransparency and accountability among its stakeholders which will bea good way of motivating the team. Parents and guardians are alsoimportant stakeholders in an institution. Hurricane preparednessreport should also be sent to them after a period of time to ensurethey are well aware of what the institution has prepared for anydisaster. This will give them hope and a sense of security that theirchildren are in safe hands. After the plan has been prepared itis also good to just choose a specific day and try and see how thestudents and other teams can respond to a hurricane if it occurs. Therandom acts will always be a challenge but the good thing they willmake the plan more realistic as the stakeholders will have seen howto deal with any eventuality in future. This will require a lot to beput in place for the hurricane disaster team.The team should alsoinvolve its neighboring partners in the plan also as the institutionis always a part of the big society and every aspect of it matters.The employees ofthe institution reside outside the school andshould be part of the system. Hurricanes are natural disasters and noone can know when to deal with Mother Nature but being organized is astep in the right direction. This will not only help lives but alsoprotect losses of school assets that may make it difficult for theschool to operate at its best after the hurricane.

Havingthe right mindset can lead to successful mission and will ensure thatthe safety team stands out in future for the rest of the team. TheHurricane plan should also be developed by people who have gonethrough this and have experience and the right education as anymistake in the plan action of lives should be it and execution canlead to loss of assets and also people. This is why training of thestaff is always important and communication should be clear to allstakeholders. The importance of lives is clear and in everyinstitution protection of lives should be its main goal in safety.This a continuous program me but a step in the right directioneveryday will lead it to its success.


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