Comparative research paper


Comparativeresearch paper

Comparativeresearch paper


Amazonis an electronic commerce company that sells a wide variety of goodsnamely electronics, apparel, jewelry, phone, software’s, furnitureand many more. It is the largest internet based retailer. Apart frombranded goods, it brands its own goods and sells them at a cheaperprice. It also provides cloud-computing services. Amazon is anestablished brand recognized worldwide and attracts millions ofcustomers to its websites every year. Although Amazon is aninternational brand with a presence in several countries, theadvantage that SOAR will have over it is that, it will not only be abrick and mortar retail shop but also have an internet presence(Gratton,2004).

SinceAmazon is a big company it has a hard time in managing all itscustomers and so its services a general since the offer several typesof goods. Our services and goods will focus on the recreationalenthusiasts. Our products packages will be specifically made for themmaking it easier to reach our target market. Since Amazon is anonline company, SOAR with time will start retailing its goods bothoff and online making sure it reaches both segments of the market. Toensure our online business is successful our call center employeeswill be given the free will to describe what is best for the customerand are not restricted to scripted messages or limited on the amountof time they can spend talking to customers on the phone. This allowsthem to interact with the customers, which improves their successrate. Our shipping and returns will free, the warehouse will be opentwenty-four hours allowing customer to place their orders late andstill receive them on time. We will have a very flexible returnpolicy, which allows loyal customers to return good even after 35days (Ritala et al. 2014).

Wal-Martand Target

Wal-Martis an international retail company that owns and operates a series ofdiscount stores and warehouse stores all over the world. It operatesover eleven thousand stores in more than twenty-seven countriesaround the world. Wal-Mart is primarily a brick and mortar but withan online presence especially for its international customers.Wal-Mart offers a wide variety of goods and services at discountprices. Target is a retail company based in the United States it ownsand operates a series of discount stores and warehouse stores inUnited States and Canada. In the two countries, it operates over twothousand stores. It is the second biggest discount retailer in thecountry behind Wal-Mart, which is the first. Both companies use thesame competitive style of selling all types of goods at a discountthe strategy will employ applies for both companies (Billingset al. 2012).

Sincemost of our service will be done through our retail store, to tacklethe challenges posed by Wal-Mart and Target we must ensure that ouroffline customers get the best services possible. Tomake sure that our clients get the best services, we will focus onhuman resource and customer service. We will have human resourcepolicies that ensure our employees feel and know that they arevalued. The company will provide its employees with extra amenitiesthat Wal-Mart and Target do not offer its employees. Employees willenjoy free lunches, a nap room, a small sports library, no-chargevending machines, discount on assorted equipment and tours for them,and their families. These policies will promote interaction withinthe workplace and give the employees room to express themselves andbring out their creativity (Lough2012).

Toensure that our services are appealing the company will developpackages tailor made to the different segments of the market. Thestores located close to college campuses will develop packages forcollege students by ensuring most of the merchandise stocked are fitfor active sports and tours that college students prefer. The storeswill be stocked with the sportswear and equipment of the collegesports teams and which will be offered at reduced prices. The storeslocated close to neighborhoods will be stocked with familymerchandise and tours with a family theme. The different stores willhave special discount days. Family themed stores will have a day foreach member of the family. The college themed stores will have a dayeach for the different sports played in the colleges. Our stores willbe membership. For a small fee, our loyal clients will be given theopportunity to become store members. Customers who are store memberswill enjoy various benefits that regular customers do not (Ritalaet al. 2014).

SportsAuthority and Five Big Sports

SpotsAuthority Inc previously known as Sports Authority is one of thebiggest retailers offering exclusively sporting goods in the UnitedStates. It owns and operates more than four hundred stores spreadacross forty-five states around the country. Apart from brick andmortar, stores Sports Authority sell its goods through the internetusing the GSI commerce platform. It operates stores in Japan ht brandname Sports Authority through a joint venture with AEON Co Ltd.

FiveBig Sports is Retail Company that sells recreational equipment andmerchandise. It sells clothing, outdoor recreational equipment, andsports gear. It has over one hundred and thirty-five stores spreadacross thirty-three states around the country. The company has apolicy of opening at least two new stores every year. . FBG primarilysell high-end sports and recreational equipment. Apart from brick andmortar stores, it sells its merchandise using the internet andcatalogs. The other services that the company offers includerepairing of sports equipment. It organizes trips and adventure tours(Billings et al. 2012).

SportsAuthority and Five Big Sport have similar business models. They bothhave a chain of retail stores across the country, they both selltheir goods through the internet, and they both specialize in sellingsporting goods. These two companies will pose the most completion toour company to the fact that they specialize in selling sportinggoods (Smith,2014).

Totackle the completion that FBG and Sports Authority pose to thelongevity and success of the company, we will focus on two importantareas. We will focus on human resource management and customer careservices. The first step is to adopt core values that will helpdefine our brand, business strategies and culture and business model.When recruiting the staff and tour guides will ensure they recognizethe importance the customer will play in the success of the business.The human resource policies will ensure that the staff and tourguides are given the free will to describe and tell the customer whatis best for them and not restricted to scripted messages. The newemployees will have to undergo a two weeks training on customerloyalty. Since our business is smaller compared to FBG and SportAuthority, it will allow the company to build a loyal client basethat we can rely on to come back and advertize our services throughword of mouth. To making sure that the clients come back, we willoffer free repair service to our most loyal customers as well ascheaper packages for rentals, purchase, and guided tours. The companywill have a flexible return policy on purchases for up to a year forour most loyal customers (Billingset al. 2012).

Thecompany highly values its customers and will makes sure they get thebest service possible and the secret will be the way it treat andvalue it employees. Both aspect go hand in hand if its employees arehappy they ensure the customers get the best service possible and allthis is done to the customer care and human resource polices it hasin place.


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