Compare and Contrast Christianity and Korean Religions

Compare and Contrast Christianity andKorean Religions

The Christian religion, Christians believes in Jesus. Christiansbelieve in what they saw Jesus doing, what they heard him saying andwhat they feel about Jesus. Jesus was going around doing good thingsand performing miracles everywhere he went. Jesus spoke to hislisteners in an attractive many people to become his followers.Jesus’ disciples believed that, after the death of Jesus, the deathdid not hold him and therefore they went spreading out the good news.The disciples did not take Jesus as an ordinary person instead theytook him in a spiritual way. The action of the disciples leads to thechurch. Today, Christianity is the most widely spread religion.Christians believe Jesus has power and Human being should trust inhim. Christians believes in the existence of only one God who theyworship, and he is Jesus. The Christian doctrine believes that Jesusa God came to earth as a human being. The image of a fish is thesymbol of Christianity. The fish symbols show that the news aboutJesus is good news. The good news brings life to many people (Smith,chap. 8, Novak, pp. 317-319). In Hindu religion, they believethat a human being has power. Hinduism believes in Robert Oppenheimertheory and Mahatma Gandhi theory of existences. A human can havewhatever he or she wishes to have. Hindu also believes that world isfull of pleasures and many appealing things. In Hinduism, theybelieve one have a hidden power inside a person which is God and mustreach a point to be active. Hindus believes that one already haveanything a person want in this world. A person can have an enjoymentof life provided he or she does not harm any other living being as ahuman being. In Hinduism therefore, humankind has the control of thething. Hindus believes that the physical pain may be taken away bymaking the minds focus on something that take away that pain. A humanbeing carries within them the following wisdom knowledge and power.Hindus believe that even if everything else will change within aperson, there is one thing that will not change. The inside beingthat does not change is the one that is represented by the physicalimage. Hindus believes in many Gods. Bhakti is God that many peoplebelieves in and is God of love. There is another God like yoga, andhe is the one who give human being power. Karma yoga is God throughwork. Another God that caters for those with a bent for science israja yoga. Hence, in Hinduism, Gods are gotten from the power, thelove or the work (Smith, chap. 2, Novak, pp.12-14). In summary,Christians believes in one God while Hindus believe in many Gods likeBhakti yoga, Karma yoga and other Gods. Hindus believe that a humanbeing can enjoy life in whatever way provided it does not harmanybody. Hindus also believe that human beings can have whatever theywant. Hindus believe that human have a power inside that is hiddenand must be activated. On the other hand, Christian gets their powerfrom Jesus, who is capable of performing miracles. Christians alsobelieve that Jesus is God, who came to earth as a human being to showhis love.

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