Concepts of Population Health, Primary Health Care and Health Promotion

Conceptsof Population Health, Primary Health Care and Health Promotion

Conceptsof Population Health, Primary Health Care and Health Promotion

Populationhealth is very vital and essential in every community. Much emphasisis always placed on health matters as they influence the otherfactors that are directly or indirectly important to the community.This is because, for any kind of development to take place in anygiven community, the community members must be in the right state ofhealth in order to affect the other developmental projects.Communities that are compromised in terms of their health tend to lagbehind in other developmental programs taking place in thatparticular community. Actually, the health sector in any givencountry, district or community is always given the first priority interms of funding (Gauwitz,2007).

Primaryhealth care has been in the forefront in ensuring better andefficient health care for every individual. Primary health carerefers to all the cost-effective, equitable, reliable and sustainablehealth efforts and strategies by any given community or country.Essentially, primary health care is community based in that everymember of the community takes part in decision making on thestrategies to be used in solving a certain health problem, directlyor indirectly affecting the community. This type of health care hasproven to be effective in terms of reducing the disease burden in anygiven community (Mable,2002).

Healthpromotion entails the efforts that are being undertaken by varioushealth organizations and bodies with an aim of promoting health ofthe people through health education campaigns, use of mediaplatforms, use of posters and billboards and other governmental ornon-governmental initiatives. Many people’s health conditions arecompromised because of lack of knowledge on basic concepts used inpreventing and curing certain diseases and therefore health promotionplays a significant role in the overall reduction of certain healthdisorders (Maville,2008).

Statementof the Problem

Themain reason as to why I brought forward this proposal is because ofsome of the problems and encounters that I have experienced during myroutine duties as a community health nurse in rural Alberta healthunit. During routine infant and pre-school immunization clinics andhome visits, I have witnessed a number of devastating and conditionsthat triggered me to write my proposal. I was able to note varioussigns of fatigue, anemia and a number of scenarios exposing thecommunity members to respiratory infections. A number of parents Imet were smokers and definitely, this had harmful effects to thechildren.

Thefinancial status of most of the community members was compromised, asthey were not able to meet most of their basic needs. Many familieswere very poor and they were not able to commute to food stores thatwere miles away where large discounts were available. As a result,most families were now forced to shop within their locality where theprices were too high. The owners of the shops frequently encounter anupswing of debts that force them to cut the credit lines of thecustomers. Some of the shop owners opt to be sympathetic to thecustomers regardless of the debts. The challenges facing thecommunity members are increasing day after day and therefore animmediate intervention to alleviate the situation is really needed.


Asmentioned earlier, all the concepts of population health, primaryhealth care and health promotion has to be implemented to alleviatethe problems facing the community. Recently, some of the communitymembers including farmers expressed interest in improving the foodbank. In collaboration with the members of the community, I amdefinitely sure that many of the problems facing the community canend. If granted the opportunity, I will ensure that all the conceptsof primary health are adhered to as this will definitely reduce thedisease burden affecting the community members. This will be achievedby reducing health costs, ensuring quality services accessibility,improving the health status of the community, sustainable economy ofthe community and reduced dependencies of the community (Clark,2002).

Primaryhealth care as stated in the introduction part of the proposal,refers to all the cost-effective, equitable, reliable and sustainablehealth efforts and strategies by any given community or country.Fundamentally, primary health care is community based in that everymember of the community takes part in decision making on thestrategies to be used in solving a certain health problem, directlyor indirectly affecting the community. This will be enhanced byallowing the members come up with some solutions to problemsaffecting them. The community members play a vital role in findingsolutions to the underlying problems. This will be achieved bysensitizing the community members that they hold and are capable ofsolving most of the problems they are facing without necessarilydepending on the governmental or non-governmental efforts (Whitehead,2010).

Membersof the community will form groups through my guidance and otherhealth practitioners. Essential, it will involve educating some ofthe members of the community (Training of Trainers) of variousfundamental preventive measures and techniques against the diseasesdestabilizing the health of the community. After a short period, mostof the community members will be conversant with a number of measuresand solutions to prevent and cure some of the health problems.

Somefarmers and successful business people has formed a group whose mainaim is to sell food to the community members at a much more reducedprice. I will ensure that various groups are formed whereby I willinvite a number of successful entrepreneurs and farmers. They willgive the members of the groups’ tips on how to start up projectsthat will in the end result help them make money. Through the help ofvarious community leaders who promised to co-operate, days will beset whereby the members will carry out cleaning and sanitationexercise in the entire community. This will greatly result to animprovement of the health status of the community in terms ofdiseases related to sanitation and dirty environment.

Ininstances where raising finances to cater for some projects willprove difficult or impossible for the community members, I willdonate part of my income and source funds from my friends in order toachieve the primary health care objectives. Health is a key pillar ofin the development of any community and stabilizing it will result toupswing in the growth and development of other sectors of thecommunity. Through my daily duties with the community, I haveresolved to understand every critical detail of the challenges thecommunity is facing, and my heart will only be at peace the momentthat I will see positive change in the lives of the communitymembers.

Healthpromotion refers to the efforts undertaken in the field of healthwith an aim of promoting the health of the community. The effortsinclude campaigns, education programs, advocating for better andimproved health services and community initiated efforts aiming atpromoting the health of the community. This will be achieved bysensitizing the members of the community through passing informativehealth tips through educational campaigns, posters and billboards andtraining of trainers to pass the healthy tips. I noted that some ofthe parents who smoked near their children did not know the effectstheir behaviors. This displays the urgency to relay and educate themembers of the community on some of the habits that people innocentlydo without the knowledge of the effects (Miller,2013).

Advocatingfor house to house immunization and home visits is a vital entity ofhealth promotion as it acts as a key to establishing the problemsfacing some members of the community and they remain indoors andlater perish from various diseases. I will effortlessly advocate forhome visits and increase in the number of health centers in thecommunity. This will help erase the disease burden in the community.The services in the health centers should be affordable in order toencourage health-seeking behavior among the community members. Theefforts that intend to put into place will ensure that every child isimmunized and a continued follow-up to ensure that every child iscompletely and satisfactorily immunized against all the diseases thatcan be immunized.


Inconclusion, I beg to state my final plea basing it on some of thepoints that I earlier on stated. Promotion of health, primary healthcare and health promotion are vital strategies that can lead to muchbenefit if incorporated in any kind of a society. It has proven towork in many communities. If granted the opportunity, I will endeavorto ensure sustainable solutions to the many challenges facing thecommunity. Health is very important as far as the development of anygiven community is concerned. Every person has an obligation ofmaintaining health and adhering to every health standard put in placeby the health organizations. Health starts with you and me.


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