Conclusion summary


Itis clear that Starbucks has had a significant impact on the Americancoffee industry. The impact is evident in more than 60 countries in agreater part of the globe. The company has helped many people bycreating jobs. The rate at which the company has been expanding isfascinating. It has been open stores almost every year. The aim ofthe company is to open about 8000 stores in the next five years.Starbucks has very interesting history. One can only imagine how sucha big company came to be. Funny enough, the pioneers of the companyused 5000 dollars only when they started the corporation. Some of themoney was borrowed from a bank. Back then, the quality of the coffeewas poor. Starbucks took the advantage and started roastinghigh-quality coffee using premium coffee beans. The business startedimproving, and a taste of success was felt. By 1982, Starbucks hadfive stores in Washington. As a way of improving the business,full-service espresso bars were created and merged with the roastingof coffee. The direction led to a rapid expansion of the corporationto what it is today. However, the company has experienced manychallenges too. The main challenge is outsourcing the raw materialsfrom other countries. The company managed to deal with the challengeby optimizing their transportation, manufacturing and purchaseactivities. Plans were also made to reorganize the current system aswell as reducing the costs and improving service levels. The otherthing that helps in the growth of the company is the unique processof forecasting and managing the stocks, that involves the use ofcomputer soft wares. With these plans and strategies, the companywill succeed even more.