Conflicting Viewpoints Essay


ConflictingViewpoints Essay

Theissue of abortion is a contentious issue that attracts differentviewpoints, when it comes to its legalization. Legalizing abortion isan advantage to the side of women because it helps them to avoidhealth complications, when faced with a dilemma that can only beresolved through abortion. For example, a woman may have birthcomplications, where procuring an abortion may be the onlyalternative to saving her life. In case abortion is not legal, thewoman may end up losing her life. On the other hand, people may havea different viewpoint, where they perceive that abortion should notbe made legal. The position I have is that abortion should be madelegal. Reasons for this perspective are discussed in the paragraphsthat follow.

Thereare different reasons concerning why abortion should be made legal.One of the primary reasons why abortion needs to be made legal isbecause making it illegal is an abuse of a fundamental right that awoman needs to have and enjoy. Every person needs to have controlover his or her body (Haney, 2009). This should be held as a rightthat should be enjoyed with excluding women. In the case of a woman,an embryo grows inside her body and moves around with it wherever shegoes. Since she decides to carry it wherever she goes, she shouldhave a right of terminating the moment she feels like it because sheis supposed to have the right to control anything that is within herbody. Therefore, legalizing abortion would help women in enjoying aright over their bodies.

Anotherreason why abortion should be made legal is because making abortionlegal provides pregnant women with the option of choosing not tobring up fetuses that have profound abnormalities (Haney, 2009). Attimes, some fetuses may be faced with severe disorders that may leadto death prior to birth or shortly after they are born. For example,a fetus may be lacking brain or may have organs developed outside thebody in such scenarios, it would be unkind to let a woman carry thefetus up to the end of term knowing well that the chances of survivalare exceedingly minimal. Where abortion is legal, women would havethe option of terminating such fetuses rather than suffer the entireperiod. Thus abortion needs to be made legal to save such women thepain of going through stress since they know that the fetus may notsurvive.

Besides,another reason for holding this perspective is because when abortionis made legal, a woman is provided with the opportunity ofterminating unwanted babies (Haney, 2009). Some fetuses may beperceived as unwanted in case the fetus is out of rape or in case thefetus was not planned for in the first place. Bringing up an unwantedchild may be associated with an increased chance of child abuse.Therefore, women should be given the opportunity to terminate anyunplanned or unwanted pregnancies in case they feel to do so.

Thechief reason for choosing these reasons is because most women areusually faced with the mentioned issues that make abortion anecessary evil. Placing myself in the shoes of a woman, I would becompelled to viewing these issues as concerns that can happen to anywoman, thus holding the reasons.

Nevertheless,despite holding the position that abortion should be made legal,there are premises that question the perspective I hold. One of thepremises is that abortion is perceived as murder (Farrell,2008). According to this claim, murder is illegal and abortion shouldalso be held as such. There is no need of legalizing a vice. Anotherpremise that questions the viewpoint that I hold concerns thereasoning that the unborn is a human being and needs to be treatedlike a person that is not in a position to defend himself/herself.Therefore, terminating the unborn may be considered an inhuman act.In addition, another premise that questions the perspective I hold isthat in case one gets unwanted pregnancy or has financial constraintsin bringing up a child, there is no need of carrying an abortionbecause it is possible to put the baby on adoption once it is born.

Thetwo types of biases I experienced while evaluating the points for andagainst my position include selection bias and observer bias.Selection bias emerged in selection of the premises since I selectedthe premises that would go with my viewpoint. Observer bias emergedas a result of the reasoning that I possess.

Thegroup identification played a role in influencing the biases. Throughidentifying with women, there are many complications that may comeby. Since I have seen some experience some of these healthcomplications, I think this played a part in going by the viewpoint.Even after playing the believing game, my position on the issue ofabortion has not changed.


Despitethere being a difference in perspective amid different individuals onthe issue of the legalization of abortion, I strongly feel that itneeds to be made legal because of the benefits that it may have.Especially, when it comes to women, women should be given the chanceto make a choice of either keeping or terminating a fetus.


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