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Overthe past few years, Technobuild Pty Ltd has been faced with a greatdeal of challenges. It has lost both money and clients. Theseproblems have also limited the company’s capacity to adjust tochanges that happens in the business market. Therefore, this tracedhas necessitated immediate solution to bail the company out itsanticipated collapse. Nonetheless, one off the most viable strategyperceived to bail the firm from its anticipated collapse is thedeveloping business process architecture.

Scheerand Nüttgens (2000)defined the concept of developing business process architecture asthe development of a framework enterprise that provides an easy andcommon interpretation and conceptualization of business organization.The essence of the framework is to establish an alignment between theorganizational strategic goal and objectives and practical demandsadvanced by customers and suppliers to the firm to foster integratedefforts among the staff as well as the management of Technobuild PtyLtd.

Additionally,other prospective solutions have been suggested to help the companyrevive its performance again. They include training of employees andapplication of appropriate job description, installation of new ICTsystem and prevent resistance to change among the staff, employmentof higher-level managers for every department within the firm. Theadoption and enforcement, coupled with monitoring of the solutionswill definitely see Technobuild Pty Ltd on its feet again.


TechnobuildPty Ltd is faced with a great deal of challenges. It is losing bothmoney and clients. These problems have also limited the company’scapacity to adjust to changes that happens in the business market.This has necessitated immediate solution to bail the company out ofthe anticipated collapse. Therefore, developing business processarchitecture is viable solutions that may help Technobuild addressits ineffective business processes.

Theconcept of developing business process architecture implies thedevelopment of a framework enterprise that provides an easy andcommon interpretation and conceptualization of business organization(Scheerand Nüttgens 2000).The framework is primarily intended to establish an alignment betweenthe organizational strategic goal and objectives and practicaldemands advanced by customers and suppliers to the firm. It describesthe organization with respect to its management structure, businessprocesses as well as business information (Jung,Choi and Song 2007).Business architecture presents the actual aspects of the businessorganization as depicted in the real world. Furthermore, it describesinteraction between various aspects that come to contact within theorganization.

Developingbusiness architecture can bear Technobulid a number of benefits.First, it aligns an organisation’s execution efforts with itsoperational strategy. It enables the management of the companyunderstand its organizational goal and challenges thus ensuringeffective budgetary allocation. (Jung,Choi and Song 2007)in addition, it also enables employees to effectively apply theirskills and resources thus optimizing the organizational value.Second, Technobuild will develop clear priorities in its investmentprocess. Furthermore, it empowers manager and give them the necessaryconfidence to venture into investment opportunities that areconsistent with strategy. Moreover, it will help create employeeengagement the sheer commitment workers hold towards theorganization and its goals (Scheerand Nüttgens 2000).

Inthe event the change project is rolled out, various operations willbe carried out. First, the business architecture will see theadoption of relatively appropriate and modern technology tofacilitate the efficiency of business processes, communication withinand outside the organization (clients and suppliers). Second, robustand continuous training of employee will be initiated to enablepresent workers acquire skills necessary in operating various ICTsystems as well as other duties. Training also empowers workers toadjust to changes in the market place heightening the competitiveadvantage of the firm (Jung,Choi and Song 2007).In addition, the process will see Technobuild boost its arm ofmarketing particularly through research and development, productdifferentiation, and market segmentation. This will enable the firmincrease its profit and cut the costs involved in various operationsa problem that is currently threatening Technobuild with closure.


Support &amp Management Processes

Customer and Suppliers’ Communication

Master Data

Value Added Product


Enterpriseresource planning (ERP) entails management software used for datacollection, storage, and analysis form various business operationssuch a marketing and sales, service delivery, product planning,manufacturing among others (Scheerand Nüttgens,2000).Supportand management processes refer to any function which supports thedaily activities of a business organization (such as accounting,communication, sales and maintenance). They entail factors thateither directly or directly contributes to the added value of anorganisation’s product.

Masterdata is the very core date significant in the functions in particularbusiness or its unit. This kind of data varies from one company toanother depending on the relevance it is accorded.


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