Corporate Social Responsibility- Comparison and Contrasts

CorporateSocial Responsibility- Comparison and Contrasts

Participatingin the CSR programs is inevitable for company growth in the currenttimes. The various stakeholders as well as consumers gauge theseriousness or lack of it in a company in terms of the amount ofengagement in the CSR projects. This paper seeks to compare andcontrast the corporate social responsibility of two establishedcompanies. The companies under consideration are Sprint and Targetcorporations.


Inensuring sustainability in managing their wastes, both companies haveintegrated recycling as part of their corporate socialresponsibility. Sprint has made progress in recycling and has phonetrade in program put in place. Likewise, Target Corporation alsoinvests in reusable bags with more focus on the use of recyclingfriendly packaging. Target has the reusable program that ensures thateach moment an individual buys an item at the stores they get a5-cent discount for every reusable bag they use. At the moment, theprogram has seen the guests of Target use over 190 million reusablebags instead of paper or plastic. Thus, the company has overtime madeit a routine to encourage the guests to make it part and parcel ofusing reusable bags for their shopping. The bags are tailor-made tofit different needs and lifestyles. The program in the long run hasbeen helpful to consumers as it has enabled them save approximately$2 million so far.

Bothcompanies have focused on sustainable design standards for packagingwith their packaging seen to be strong. Through the strong packagingstandards, more sustainable solutions are expected to be achieved inthe companies. The packaging standards are aimed at encouraging thereduction of the volume of packaging as well as the size (GlobalReporting Index, 2015). Further, in doing their packaging both thecompanies minimize use of glues, inks, labels and plastics. They tendto ensure an increase in chlorine free bleach in the paper packagingmaterials as well as recycled fiber. Some of the standards put inplace to ensure proper packaging include the exclusion of plasticlaminate, use of organic based inks, use of water based friendlyadhesives (Global Reporting Index, 2015).

Aspart of the CSR program, employees have played an integral part andare pivotal in realization of the companies’ goals. Both Sprint andTarget highly value the well-being of their employees. The companiesstrive to ensure that the employees by all means love their job. Thecompanies have initiated employee-centered programs which includerewarding workplace, preventive health care facilities in place aswell as wellness programs. Both the companies are committed tobuilding strong and healthy communities and in doing so they startwith their teams, which are the employees. The companies providetools, resources and encouragement to team members to ensure thatthey lead a healthy and balanced life and are able to makeappropriate and healthy choices. Well-being in both companies is morethan just a healthy diet but focuses on the important things in lifelike career satisfaction, financial security, social capital andhealth. With these elements in place, the employees are able todeliver and perform their best. For example, Target Corporation haspartnered with Gallup Corporation to ensure creation of conduciveworkplace that highly cherishes personal well-being.


However,in carrying out their CSR programs there are a few contrasts. TargetCorporation mainly focuses on product design. They ensure that thereis sustaining value and creation of value for every member of thecommunity thus they are fully integrated and part of the community.

Additionally,target is not also clear on their social responsibility lawsuitregarding breach of data in their corporate responsibility report(Target, 2015). Sprint on the other hand has had a lawsuit butsuccessfully settled it. Sprint agreed to settle $131 million of aclass-action lawsuit. In this lawsuit, they were accused ofdefrauding investors approximately $36 billion after merger withNextel Communications Inc. in 2005 (Global Reporting Index, 2015).

Sprintis more service driven (cell towers) and prides in providing the bestexperience for consumers in terms of wireless usage. The company hasprograms such as “Thank You Thursdays” which are used to create astrong bond between customers and the company as a way of engagingtheir clients to give the best products (Global Reporting Index,2015). Hence in the end, it is certain that Sprint creates value toits subscribers through plans such as unlimited plans and launchingof the Kyocera Kona, a verbal translator when browsing.


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