Course Goal



Studentsset goals in order to assist them restrict the information within agiven limit. The syllabus expects students to cover given content bythe end of their courses. As such, one is likely to skip some contentif he or she does not follow a given outline. Moreover, identifyinggoals also comes handy when handling research papers. A clear thesisstatement defines the objective of the research paper and the depthof information it will cover.

Themost relevant goal the present course covers is the generation of athesis statement from my current writings. The avowal helps torestrict the writing meaningful and flowing well. Prior to the study,the essays are disorganized and barely cover the target information.In fact, I have not addressed even a single issue comprehensivelybecause my thoughts are not restrained within particular boundaries.Furthermore, the course is beneficial as it emphasizes on theidentification of correct references, as well as correct places toinsert them. I excelled in referencing and choosing choices becausethe instructor had emphasized that the best students make informedchoices when selecting the origin of the information they use tosupport the given conclusions. Subsequently, I feel bold to declarethat I have a capacity to incorporate evidence from credible academicsources that either enhances or refutes the ideologies of a researchtopic.

Nevertheless,I did not comprehend the articulation of rhetorical choices I mightmake as both a researcher and a writer. In some cases, I find myselfunable to associate the context of the subject to the targetaudience. The instructor recommended that I read the various bookthat elaborate the subtopic for better comprehension of the section.Consequently, I will need to revisit the area in the future in orderto investigate the content deeper.

Priorto the focus on research class, I rarely analyzed issues from acritical perspective. However, frequently find myself lost in mythoughts thinking about different topics that may concern my family,friends or even me. For instance, each time I read an issue ofmonthly periodicals or daily newspapers, I dedicate sometimes toanalyze the content and sometimes compare it with recent reports andbroadcasts. Similarly, I often compare the conclusions I find invarious publications with my individual experiences. For example,research that gives data on women battering or the standard ofeducation motivates me to evaluate my immediate community for thetruth regarding the issue. The course has assisted me to discoverthat I am ignorant of critical issues in the community. I discoveredthat ethnographers use regular information acquired from people withdeep understanding concerning their immediate environment.

Finally,I anticipate having challenges in the identification of the wayscultural practices and subcultures can assist to elaborate theimplication of a given text. In many cases, research derived fromcultural practices or a given civilization can help to understand thetargeted people better. Nonetheless, I intend to solve the challengeby seeking assistance from my peers, as well as reading books thatcomplement the course textbook. I also hope to benefit with the easyaccessibility our instructor guarantees us to consult each point Icannot comprehend. Actually, the teacher promised to respond to thestudents’ emails within two days. I look forward to benefiting fromthe high commitment the teacher puts to ascertain our academicexcellence.