Cover Letter


Inthis paper, I will be looking at the current state of policebrutality in United States. In my preliminary research, I felt that amajority of police brutality incidents were targeted at AfricanAmericans. In this paper I look to investigate some of thoseincidents to find out if this is indeed the case. The paper looks atthe details of the two major incidents that have rocked the world inrecent times, such as the case of Michael Brown in 2014, and thecurrently developing incident of Freddie Gray.

Thepaper looks to find out why these incidents could be happening andanswers the following questions: Are these incidents raciallymotivated? If these incidents are racially motivated, what is beingdone by the justice system to take care of them? Is the justicesystem not doing anything at all? The paper also looks at the effectthat police brutality is having on people. Specifically, the widespread protests that take place whenever an incident like thisoccurs.

Thepaper also looks into the mindset of the police officers who areinvolved in these shootings. What were they thinking and what madethem do what they did? There must be reasons for the wide spreadnature of police brutality. What does the future hold for us, ifpolice, the protectors continue to behave this way?

Atthe end of the paper, I hope to have at least some answers to thequestions posed above. I also hope to have a better understanding asto why these incidents are happening. The paper is limited by spaceand hence only covers some incidents that have happened recently.