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Massproduction ensures that heterogeneous needs from customers are met bybusiness organizations. The extreme demands for quality, quantity,and customized services or products make mass production ideal.Moreover, Piller (2015) explains that large-scale manufacturing is anideal setting for mass production. The talk of craft technology andits relevance to management is vital. The relation between a businesssettings and the importance of craft technology to business isdefinite. I strongly recommend the teaching of craft technology tomanagement as it makes them more efficient. As mentioned in thearticle, there is much-needed diversity in the world of business. Inthe event that craft technology cannot be employed to solve abusiness problem, management with craft technology knowledge arelikely to produce a better solution than those that do not have.Still on the subject of teaching management, formal education acts asthe fundamental steps to bringing into light most if not all ofbusiness fundamentals. Moreover, having experience is brought bypracticing formal training in job activities. The modern businessworld calls for diversity and a combination of experience, and formaltraining is a plus.

Iagree that technology will reduce face-to-face interaction formanagement considering that businesses dependence on informationsystems is rising. Most information systems advocate the do morethink less slogan. Therefore, technology can reduce face-to-faceinteractions. Finally, yet importantly, management strategiesdetermine success or failure of businesses. The busting bureaucracyseems to be an ideal approach. Moreover, management should ensurethat their business is constantly growing. However, Spors (2015) saysthat growth is not mandatory for all business. The perception ofmeasuring business success with growth should be condemned forteaching the no-growth philosophy. Finally yet importantly,involvement of God’s intervention in business practices showscommitment and dedication. This earns respect and trust fromcolleagues, which can help a business to prosper.


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