Design Analysis



Design Analysis


The name of the artwork is Spire and WoodLine. This is the work by Andy Goldsworthy, famous figure inthe interpreting the shift between time and nature. This artisticwork was produced in 2006 at Presidio, defining the uniqueness ofcreation in a special way. This work was then reviewed in 2013through Powder Magazine of October 19th at Main ParadeGrounds of San Francisco.


Andy Goldsworthy has developed three unique specifications that applythe art of felled trees. The design of this art is monumental as wellas ephemeral. Spire and Wood Line depicts the historic forest plantedby the military men at the beginning of 1880s and being revitalizedin the current platform of art. Andy Goldsworthy acquired hisinspiration from the materials at hand. These include twigs,branches, ice and snow, stones, and leaves. This art portraysdifferent types of trees such as pine, cypress, eucalyptus and theblue gum groves that dictate the park’s natural mosaic.

The sculpture on Andy Goldsworthy work is presented in a beautifulgrove near the Arguello Gate in the town of San Francisco. Thesculpture comprises of around 38 trunks of giant cypress treesconsolidated meticulously together. Some of these trees are of 90feet high, and strongly grounded to enable them withstand the weathervariations at different times of the season. At the same time, thesculpture indicates young trees taking at the base. These treesdepend on the mature ones for anchorage and support. It is just amatter of time for these young trees to develop into better strengthsand heights than the current ones, hence displacing them. However,Andy Goldsworthy indicates that the young trees inspire the old onesto remain firm and productive. It suggests mutual interdependence inthe forest. This natural beauty provides humans and birds with shade,rest and fruits for survival. Moreover, the trees depicted in thisart speak of the general beauty of the biodiversity. Besides, AndyGoldsworthy connects an element of falling trees toindicate the valuation of these trees in developing the living areaof human being making life meaningful through business operations,reliable source of bread for families, and the maintenance ofconducive environment to support other forms of lives.

This piece of work was funded through thedonation from private agencies in San Francisco. Most of thesesponsors are non-profit organizations committed to development andexhibition of the artistic in the entire region of San Francisco.Moreover, Andy Goldsworthy acquired substantial support fromPresidio Trust Group in the creation of his work.


Andy Goldsworthy strives to connect the natural and what humanperceives as man-made. He is inspired to celebrate the importance oftrees to both human beings and animals. With the rehabilitation ofthe natural beauty of this forest, now the groves require renewal oftheir development in order to prolong the lifespan of the treesavailable (Goldman &amp David Lindroth Inc, 2011). The AgingMonterey Pine and Cypress trees a cut down to give live to the youngtree. It means the creation of a new generation that is free from anyfault.

The cutting down of the tree also symbolizes of transformation ofleadership from the old generation to young and active one.Correspondingly, the leadership in the modern governments hasreplaced the traditional form of administration where the elderlywere given all the power to decide and control the society. Thesituation is no longer the same even with the national organizations.

Andy Goldsworthy skillfully applies his artistic knowledge incovering the space that occurred after extreme human exploitations ofcypress trees. The green branches of the eucalyptus covering theground prevent the ground from scorching, hence helping in “drawingthe environment.” It is a suitable aspect by Andy Goldsworthy tofacilitate environment remediation. Similarly, the artist could haveapplied this attribute to trigger the need for preserving the littlewhich the nature can provide to you.

The main theme behind this sculpture could be on restoration of thehabitat. The forest supports both human and animal life in many ways.Rivers meander their way to the drainage basins through the forest.The green color painted to the right, floor and left of the sculpturedepicts the beauty of the natural habitat. Other effects such asblending and shading at the background are used for adding visualeffects to the art.

This sculpture tries to define the connection between the natural andthe beauty of the environment. Andy Goldsworthy’s art is craftilysuspended between buildings such as to prevent the alteration of thewalls (Goldman &amp David Lindroth Inc, 2011). Part of the roof isclayish buildings is doomed. It could mean that the felling of treesis done to renovate the building. This feature inspires the ethicalpractices in the society where appropriate decisions are made in toheal the condition facing the victims. Andy Goldsworthy art alsodepicts the beauty of a consolidated family. Loopholes are sealed andcreate new life even to those living in deplorable states.


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