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Question1 (Response to 1, 2 and 3,)

Ithas always been known that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.Most young people indulge in gang life because they have nothing toengage their mind at, especially after school. For this reason, Iwould propose coming up with community based programs that willenable youths to be engaged in after school. Quite a number of youngpeople who join gang life have a lot of idle time on their plate.They end up misusing this time by joining gang life and hence findingthemselves in criminal acts. Community based programs that I wouldpropose would not only be for the youths but their parents(guardians) as well, since family is one of the prevalent elementsthat push youths into gang life. Accordingto response 3,family is the huge element for gang life. Parents and guardians canbe taught how to handle their children using these programs.

Inresponse to 1,I agree with the suggestions offered because the programs would helpyouths have something constructive to do during their free time. Inthese programs, the youths will have dynamic areas that they canadvance to just like in Homeboy Industries. These programs would helpinstill sense of responsibility as well as work ethos to these youngstars. The entertainment programs suggested by program 1 would helpthem relieve some of the stresses that they have either from home oreven school, and it will help these kids in realizing their talentsand exploiting them for their benefit. I would suggest that theseservices be free of charge.

Inmy opinion, I agree that the government should be the one cateringfor all the charges at these programs. Thesuggestion offered by response 2is certainly good. This will enable even kids from poor backgroundsto join and attain some knowledge in certain field. Integrating allthese programs together will go a long way in helping youths to beengaged in various activities, hence curbing and preventing formationand growth of gang life.

Question2: (Response to 1, 2 and 4)

Insofaras amnesty is good in instilling a sense of discipline to thosecausing problems, disciplining can also help solve this menace. Tobalance these two, personally, I think incarceration is not the bestway to go. This is because when they are incarcerated, they will meetmore problem causers and this will make the problem worse. Inresponse to 4,options such as probation and counseling will help. In case theybreak the law again after these services, then incarceration will bethe way to go.

Iagree with response 1 and 2.Having amnesty programs will help solve these cases rather than havethem incarcerated. Additionally, finding the root course of theproblem is a better way. This can be done through guiding andcounseling sessions. This will help them to get out of the cycle.