Domestic Violence on Welsh Women


DomesticViolence on Welsh Women

Domesticviolence against women is said to cost the Welsh Government up to£800million a year. This astonishing figure presumably covershealthcare, social services costs and perhaps even trickling into theeconomy if the victims are not able to go to their workstations.Although women make up most of the victims of domestic violence, theWelsh Government has been kind enough to make the provisions ofdomestic violence gender neutral. The Welsh government believes inevery individual’s right to safety, and so legislation in this areawill help a lot of women who undergo this challenge. Some of theproposals include

  • Leadership and accountability

  • Education and awareness

  • Strengthening services meant to counter domestic violence

Leadershipand accountability

Thereis the need to improve the leadership and accountability process ifWales is to reduce incidences of violence against women. Localauthorities have been tasked with this role, and they need to come upwith proper structures to improve the situation. They will have toappoint an advisor who will carry out investigations and provide areport that will help to remove incompetent leaders.

Educationand awareness

Betweena quarter and one-third of Welsh women have been victims of unwantedsexual attention and harassment. A reason as to why the Welshgovernment wants not only women but all individuals to engagethemselves with the proposed Gender Violence Bill. The government iseven advocating that Gender Violence be part of the school syllabus.In doing so, the government will reduce victim blaming and make anyform of violence against women unacceptable.

Strengtheningservices meant to counter domestic violence

Improvementof how information is shared between the relevant bodies tasked withGender Violence Prevention will see the improvement of the safety ofvictims. Public authorities will be expected to disclose any relevantinformation to the agencies that are mandated to deal with abuse. Bydoing so, they will have provided a safe haven for the victims, aswomen will not feel like they are forced to live with an abuser.


Theseproposals will go a long way in protecting women against any form ofabuse, as domestic violence is a vicious crime that traps its victimsemotionally.