Drift Drift



Mytypical day starts with a walk out of my neighborhood to school,through houses surrounded by white picket fences and well maintainedfront yards I walk on pavements that are clean and well maintained.The patches of grass on every area of the neighborhood are manicuredand the environment quite silent as it is out of the main city.Transportation from the neighborhood is mainly walking or bicycle asresidents always get to the nearest buses stands just a few minutes’walk away from the house. Many people also drive around and to workas well as drop their children off to school. The community feelsvery safe, every building that are on the way out of the suburb arewell maintained[ CITATION Int97 l 1033 ].

Thebuildings are almost similar in architecture many seem old howeverthey are remodeled to fit into the neighborhood. They are not closetogether and all the buildings stand singly, none are attached toeach other. There are a few apartment blocks that are well maintainedwith gates around them. There are street lights on every corner ofthe area and there are no dingy and dangerous alleys that usuallymake someone fear walking alone especially in the night. There aregrocers within the community a two banks and good schools are justwithin the neighborhood. The schools are well maintained and there isalways almost no noise meaning that there are fewer children, as manychildren within classrooms produce higher levels of noise. The fieldthat is usually used by children and leagues in the neighborhood fortournaments is very peaceful and calm today. There is nobody seatedon the benches and the grass is very dewy in the morning. It is cleanand neat well mowed area and it is fenced with steel and has anentrance at one end.

Theother side of the community playground has trees that are at leastsparse hence no source of threat. The forested area is also wellmaintained with garbage cans in case of the frequent picnics thatusually take place there. As I approach into the main city there is ahustle and bustle, with many cars trying to find their way around thetown. There are street lights everywhere and the town is wellplanned, the buildings well organized. There are alleys however thatfeel unsafe and they are usually isolated and get to be very dark inthe evening. These alleys are usually isolated and have higher risksof mugging incidences in the city.

Thereare numerous luxurious comfort lodges and big executive hotels forthose in town for a limited time. A few are within town and some areoff the city center, they exude class and are usually well guarded.As I walk past these large and stylish buildings I get to a nearbypark that is fenced and the tracks that sell fast foods are settingto shop ready to sell coffee and snacks to the people rushing towork. The town feels a bit congested at this early time of the dayand there is traffic, it still does not feel very dangerous to walkin the somewhat crowded areas as there are no idles who may be liableto snatch and pickpocket. The crowded areas at this time of the dayare at the bus terminals at the end of the pavement in a largemonumental museum that was built by the old citizens of the city. Itgives a different touch to the face of the city and makes the placefeel homely even though it is out in the open. The building is wellguarded and is opened only few times in the day. Out of town onapproaching the college, the population is less and the building moresparse, there are more instances of nature than of buildings[ CITATION Int97 l 1033 ].The roads are almost disserted and most cars are likely to be headedto the university.

Inmy free time I meet friends or just go hang around at the localdiner. It is usually where member of the community go to exchangenotes on what is going on and just meet up for coffee and a goodchat.

Itis small but well spaced and can hold up to a hundred people at a go.There are bunks and high raised chairs around the counter. Theservice is good and the ambiance okay for the entire family, the foodis always fresh and the television always tuned on to sportschannels. The park is also a good place to unwind and take family, itis well maintained with mowed grass and benches all around, and thepark environment is safe as there are no structures around to blockthe view. From the park one can witness a very alluring sight of thecity over a body of water to the very congested own, out of thesuburb.

Thecountry club draws a lot of people during the weekend especially theold professionals that want to unwind with their fellow moneyedfriends[ CITATION Ser12 l 1033 ].They take themfamilies as well and spend a great deal of the weekend, with spas andsaunas and a cool and relaxed time. The restaurants in the suburb arealso a good place to spend time and enjoy oneself as well. Though itmay be a bit expensive, there are executive suites for businesspeople to hold meetings, it is regularly not so filled up, howeverfor dinners early booking is a must as seats are all taken. There isdemand for good times at the suburb and the amenities make itpossible to enjoy and have a great time. The restaurant offersdifferent cuisines and the ambiance has a touch of luxury to it, fromthe menu that has prestigious an expensive foods and drinks to thehigh quality service[ CITATION Chr15 l 1033 ].The attendants at the tables are at the diners’ service all throughand are quick and efficient. The kind of music played is verysoothing and subtle, and it accentuates the mood and feeling of agood time and I feel safe here. Spending time in any of the amenitiesaround the suburb does not at all feel unsafe, all the places arevery safe and the police station is just a few second away and thereresponse to calls are always swift, not that there are very manyemergencies or calls[ CITATION Mic15 l 1033 ].

Thecampus environment itself from the gate is very conducive for adultlearning. The campus is on a stretch of land away from theresidential area and off the city center, it is isolated in a safedistance away from the city and usually students get there bycycling, walking, driving or in a few instances buses. The campusbuildings have architecture that seems to be from a few generationsback, however all the buildings have been refurbished and have ataste of modern architecture as well as touches of old styles ofarchitecture that makes the environment unique and very appealing[ CITATION Mic15 l 1033 ].There are pavements all through campus and a monument at the front ofthe main school administration building. Theschool is bustling with activities during open days with young menand women traversing the campus compound with books to theirrespective lecture halls. It is a very professional institutions andthe environment is conducive for learning and research. Thefacilities provided for research work are capable to facilitate thelearning experience that lead to undergraduate or post-graduatedegrees.

Thecity has a few suburbs in the outskirts all are well maintained andtaken care off. The suburbs are all much quieter and peaceful, andhave amenities suitable for the residence. The town and suburbs alikeseem to be constructed using plans that keep the vibrant andbeautiful every time. The natural resources in this areas are welltaken care of, the forested areas are fenced and school andresidential areas very well maintained with a touch of style and theexude expensive tastes[ CITATION Ser12 l 1033 ].The residential buildings seem to give out information on theinhabitants, from the size of the houses one can tell whether thefamily is a full one with children or whether they have singles. Mostresidents are families and that is why the members of the communitykeep vigil and are mostlynot very sociable to each other.


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