E-Commerce for a Small Supermarket

E-Commercefor a Small Supermarket


E-Commercefor a Small Supermarket

Mattand grace are discussing their store and what benefits a websitemight bring to them. Although Grace is not fully satisfied with theMatt is trying to show her the advantages of the site. Some of theirneeds of the supermarket are to provide a bigger marketing base fortheir market. In this, they are to provide a platform for the collegekids and the senior citizens to buy their stuff from (Walker, 2009).This would be so eased because it will be done in the comfort oftheir rooms at a click of a button. In addition, Matt argues that ifthey don’t get into E-commerce they will be pushed out of businessvery fast. Since as Matt explains it is the trend of businesses. Thesupermarket also needs to compete with Sam’s sub shop that sellspizza. The students can order pizza at any hours from the sub shop(Nahai, 2014). In this Matt wants their supermarket to be online soand the students can at least get buy food, instead of the burgersand pizzas they get. Matt and Grace are also looking for ways toincrease the revenues in their supermarket. As that is one of thereasons, Matt is pushing the idea of getting a website for fastersales.

Projectobjectives describe what the project is to achieve, i.e. the projectsoutcomes. The objectives show the effect of the project on thetarget. The effects should be, short term and medium and alsointended and direct. In this, the objectives must be directly relatedto the effects. However, the objectives must be in the scope of theproject. In addition, the objectives are also formulated accordingthe project utility to its target (Nahai, 2014). Considering this,the project goal for Matts and Grace Supermarket would be to increasetheir customer base. The project is supposed to increase the numberof customers the supermarket have by increasing its market and makingit even more accessible. Hence, the effect would be increasing thesupermarkets accessibility making the students and the seniorcitizens shop more and in increased numbers.

Beforebringing in a consultant, Matt and Grace should fast establish thatthey have a real problem that requires the expert to solve it. Inthis, they must talk it through and determine that they need to get aconsultant. They also need to have a clear objective of what theywant the consultant should do. This is because many times theconsultant have many ideas of how things should be done and how tochange things also quick ways to increase revenue. However Matt andGrace should ensure that the consultant’s vision is in line withtheirs. Matt and Grace should also ensure that the consultant is wellversed for their business and the market. In this, they will know ifthe consultant will actually help them. In addition, it will showthem if the consultant has experience in their market type and thusif they can actually help them (Nahai, 2014).

Theconsultant of the other hand is supposed to enlighten Matt and Graceon the issue of e-commerce. He should tell them which would be thebest system to implement on their shop. A system or website that willenable them achieve their objectives efficiently. The cost of puttingthe website and running, it should also be shown to Matt and Grace bythe consultant as he is the one with that kind of knowledge. Theconsultant should also tell Matt and Grace of any other alternativesto attaining their objectives and their cost so that they can selectthe one that will work best for them (Walker, 2009).

Inconclusion, the e-commerce helps the small business get the exposurethey need for them to grow. As in the case of Matt and Grace, it isto provide them with the market they need to expand. However, aconsultant is needed to guide a business in the right business. Asgoing and implanting all the ideas of e-commerce can consume a lot ofmoney. Hence, help is needed to choose the one with the least costand best alternative (Nahai, 2014).


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