Measlesis a viral and highly contagious disease that leads to complicationsand death. It is spread via large respiratory droplets andaerosolised droplet nuclei. The United States achieved measleselimination in the year 2000 as a result of high population immunityachieved through vaccination and rapid health responses to cases.However, the disease remains endemic in other parts of the worldincluding China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Consequently, in 2014,there were 592 reported cases of Measles in the U.S. that includedunvaccinated travellers and any other unvaccinated individuals thatthey came into contacts with (Slade, 2014).

Measlesspreads through importation from a country with an epidemic outbreakto the locals of a healthy nation. There is an increased risk ofacquiring Measles, for unvaccinated persons, during travel to theareas with an outbreak. Consequently, it is essential to sensitizepeople and ensure the existence of a direct community outreach withregards to the necessity of conducting routine vaccinations and moreso, before travel (Slade, 2014).

Asa public health nurse, my role includes the surveillance with regardsto monitoring the number of reported cases of communicable diseasessuch as Measles in order to identify the trends and patterns in thepopulation. I have comprehended that it can be puzzling to maintain apopulation free of Measles due to possibility of importation fromareas with an outbreak. However, by increasing the coverage andfrequency of vaccination, it is possible to reduce the number ofcases. As a health care provider, I shall improve my practice byensuring that there are frequent and comprehensive exercises ofvaccination. In addition, I shall be more attentive for Measles amongtravellers who return with feverish and rash illness from countrieswith an existing Measles outbreak. This will be in efforts to controlthe importation of the disease to the local population.


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