Equality/Freedom Police Shooting

Equality/Freedom:Police Shooting

CaseStudy: Trayvon Martin


Notionsof freedom and equality are precisely defined based on individualexertions of power and influence. Freedom is explained in version of‘freedom from influence’ instead of ‘freedom to do according towhat one desires’. Ideally, at conceptual level, complete freedomis an implication of equality. The plausibility in definition ofequality and freedom reflects the misleading implications of theopposition by political ‘folk rhetoric’. A quantitative notion of‘more equality’ and ‘more freedom’ is independent of eachother. Police shooting is one major are that has raised debates aspertains to freedom and equality. There have always been questionspertaining justice when young men, especially Blacks, are shot andthe justice system seems to be biased in handling such cases. TrayvonMartin, a seventeen year old teen serves as a metaphor for thecontinual disposability of the Blacks in Eyes of the Law.


Equality/Freedom:Police Shooting (Title of the Paper)

  1. Status of police shooting

  2. The impacts of the increased shooting

  3. Thesis Statement

  1. Body

  1. Introduction to Trayvon Martin’s shooting

  2. Discussion on equality

  3. Status of the current society and their response to police shooting

  4. The hand of the law regarding police shooting

  1. Conclusion

  1. Need to promote equality

  2. The law should not be biased in executing judgments especially where minors are involved

Seemingly,lately more than ever, the police shootings have been rampant. Thisis considered as one of the contentious issues since many people arelosing their lives over ‘silly police encounters’. People havethe right to live and no one deserves to die, especially if theperson has not threatened the life of a police officer. Whether thisis a recent or an ongoing problem, something needs to be done. Thispaper presents equality and freedom in the context of police shootinguse the case of Trayvon Martin.


Whatis the sufficient evidence to warrant pursuit of federal criminalrights charges against police shooting by the US law? Theapprehension using deadly force remains a seizure subject of thereasonable requirement of Amendment. To determine the reasonablelevel of the seizure, extent of intrusion on human rights of equalityand freedom must be balanced against the interests of the governmentso that effective law enforcement can be enhanced. The balancingprocess is an implication that, notwithstanding the probable cause ofthe seizing the suspect, an officer should not always kill him/her.


Thecold-blooded shooting of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old Black teen byGeorge Zimmerman cracked the world open into the fracture of theAmerican heart of darkness. Presumption of innocence has been encodedin law. However, in contrary, equality is not enforced as regards topolice shootings. Most Black students have succumbed under the handof the law. The shooting of Trayvon Martin strikes a perfect balanceof rage and hope, and the continual disposition of freedom andequality[ CITATION Ell06 l 1033 ].

Equalityis the right to freedom act acts as a tool of enjoyment of liberty.This implies that a person has the right to enjoy enjoying as muchliberty as possible and no person has the right to diminish libertyof others[ CITATION Yos06 l 1033 ].According to the rule of Law, all citizens have the right to equalfreedom. Any interference in personal autonomy tends to restrictpersonal freedom. Freedom and equality may extend beyond equalitybefore the law by presupposing equal enjoyment by every citizenregardless of their racial affiliation, background or religionamongst others[ CITATION Fer11 l 1033 ].

Inthe current society, it is humiliating to see that African-Americancommunity has been exposed to unjustified shooting of their unarmedcolleagues. This has resulted to their trust and respect on policecommissioner and American justice system diminishing[ CITATION Mcl14 l 1033 ].The shooting of Trayvon Martin was extremely upsetting for theAfrican-American Community. Trayvon was killed by George Zimmerman onFebruary 16th,2012. George was a neighborhood watchman. According to the statementby George, Trayvon appeared suspicious as he went around whiting hishoodie while holding something in his hand. Trayvon decided to runwhen he noticed that Zimmerman was watching him closely. Zimmermanpursued Trayvon and killed him.

Manyspeculations regarding this case have been considered by most peopleas mere police cover-up. While some witnesses said that Trayvon wasscreaming, police commissioner said that the screams wereZimmerman’s[ CITATION Aam12 l 1033 ].Also, by the fact that police hesitated releasing the 911 callsaround the shooting, it is justifiable imagining that there was somesort of police cover-up.

Afterthe case was filed, Zimmerman was acquitted. The Department ofjustice closed the investigation due to lack of ‘sufficientevidence’. As a legal matter, the attorney representing Zimmermannever raised the ‘Stand your Ground’ Law that was passed in2005[ CITATION Sit10 l 1033 ].According to this law, a person is allowed to ‘meet force withforce’, with deadly force inclusive. Additionally,after the trial jurors acknowledged that they had incorporated theself-defense law in order to conclude that Zimmerman was not guilty[ CITATION Gin10 l 1033 ].Themain dilemma is why the law changed standard instructions to jurorsto give room for judges to conclude that Zimmerman could not haveretreated and had to stand his ground since he felt threatened.Therefore, it is clear that thelaw played a role in initiating the failure of local police inprosecuting Zimmerman.


Policeofficers have all along been trusted and entrusted with lives. On theother hand, the law is supposed to take non-partisan ground inprotecting the citizens. Obviously, this is a mirage in the world oftoday. I might not be a Black but the fact remains police officerstend to focus mostly on black males than any other person. When youscrutinize the story behind the horrible death of Trayvon, it isclear that innocent Black men are succumbing at the cruel hand of theLaw and its leniency in handling such shootings.

Whileit is true that police officers can only feel pain when such killingshappened to their loved ones, it is also very true that all peopleare equal and no one deserves to die unintentionally. Freedom andEquality remains vital components of life. The law should be executedwithout fear or favor. The police should let people enjoy theirfreedom, and if anything happens that might tend to affect the peaceof others, appropriate channels should be followed withoutdiscrimination.


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