Accordingto Christine Gross-Loh`s article, application of the Chinesephilosophy can help one in coping with everyday life. Three pointshave been proposed by the article, which are critical in coping withvarious aspects. The three points are that the smallest actions tendto have the most profound ramifications, decisions are made from theheart, and in case the body leads, the mind will follow. The aim ofthis assignment is to explain and illustrate how these three pointsmay assist in improving how one can approach his views on the societyin Saudi Arabia. Besides, I will indicate the areas that I wouldseek to address first and why.

Accordingto the first point, the smallest actions can have the most intenseramifications. This point is critical since it helps one inunderstanding that the most mundane actions may have a ripple effect(Gross-Loh, 2013). Through this understanding, it is possible for oneto become more self-aware in noticing different actions. This pointwould assist in understanding actions that may have differentrepercussions in Saudi Arabia. This understanding is crucial becauseit would help in choosing actions that would help in establishingstrong bonds with the people living in Saudi Arabia. Besides, itwould also help in improving the way I perceive Saudi Arabia as itwould be feasible to have an understanding of Saudi Arabia in a morepronounced manner.

Thesecond point concerns the idea that decisions are made from theheart. According to the article, it is important to combine heart andmind and allow the rationale and emotions blend and become one, whendoing a certain action because with this intuition one can be in aposition to make the best decisions (Gross-Loh, 2013). This point iscritical in helping to improve how I view Saudi Arabia since I wouldcombine both heart and mind, while making decisions. This would implythat the way I perceive the society in Saudi Arabia would result froma critical reasoning that would combine the reasoning of the mind andthe emotions from the heart. This would help in making decisions thatare well blend and reasoned.

Thethird point that the article highlights concerns the idea that incase the body leads, the mind will follow. According to the article,it is possible to make a difference through the way a person behavesand feels (Gross-Loh, 2013). Besides, a person is likely to becomewhat he repeatedly does. This understanding is critical since it canhelp in having an understanding that whatever actions one repeatedlydoes can have a lasting end result. For example, through smiling, itis possible to make a happy ending. Therefore, it is important tohave the body act in a positive way since this would help in making afinal decision. This point would assist in improving how I approachviews on the society in Saudi Arabia since it would help in focusingon putting desirable actions as a habit that may end up indetermining the end result of a given action.

Theareas that I would seek addressing first would include culture andrelationships. I choose these areas because they are critical to anyperson in any society. For instance, through addressing culture, itis possible to live and integrate with anyone in society. On theother hand, it is feasible to live in a society by establishingstrong relationships.


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