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EthicalDecision Making


EthicalDecision Making


Ethicaldecision making has become an important aspect in the community andin people’s daily lives, as well as in businessmanagement/leadership. It helps individuals to make difficultdecisions and choices whenever they are faced with an ethical dilemmamostly when there is no an outright right or wrong action. Ethicaldecision mostly addresses three aspects in a given dilemma ethicobedience, ethic of care, and ethic of reason. This paper addressesthe ethical dilemma surrounding the ‘Caseof Maria Elena’.


Ina summary, the case entails a Mexican house girl who was employed asa house girl in the United States. Her performance is commendable, aswell as her communication. Despite the performance, Elena is anillegal immigrant from Mexico she has two kids and lives togetherwith her husband. Poverty drove them away from Mexico in search of abetter life for their children. However, she has to go back to Mexicoto take care of her ailing mother, but the case is difficult, as onceshe goes back there, she won’t be able to come back to the U.S, dueto the fact that she is an illegal immigrant. Elena was my employee,and analyzing her case scenario, the ethical dilemma, is should Ireport her as an illegal immigrant, which means she will be takeninto custody, and in turn she won’t go back to care for her mother.In the other case, should I help her financially, as well as let hergo back home, and later organize for her second illegal coming back.

Businessethical making process entails identifying the question in dilemmaor the issue in concern. With reference to the case given, theethical dilemma is whether to report Elena to the authorities thatshe is an illegal immigrant, this would mean denying the chance to gohome and take care of her mother as well as her children. Secondly,in ethical decision making, one should anticipate who are theaffected parties, who are the client, then one should assess whetherhe/she has the required expertise to make the decision. Next, whenmaking an ethical decision, one is supposed to review relevantethical standards, legal standards, and finally, one should considerand prepare for implications and prevention.

MyOpinion With Reference To Maria’s Case

Facedwith such a case, and with the sense of humanity, I would first helpher financially to cater for her extra needs of her children andhusband. Her main concern is the welfare of her children as well asthat of her mother back in Mexico. I would help her identify thelegal ways to register her family as illegal immigrants, but who arewilling to be documented and recognized by the American government,and in turn be issued with relevant document to allow them stay inAmerica, as well as be able to visit her ailing mother and back tothe united states. I would also help her financially. Alternatively,I would let her go back home to Mexico, and while there help her getlegal immigration documents. However, this would only help herself,and her husband wouldn’t be included. The key ethical issue is howto handle her status as an illegal immigrant and at the same timehelp her raise her children and take care of her ailing mother.


Thesituation is hard to handle without overlooking one side of the case.The issue of illegal immigrants has been serious in the UnitedStates, and in many cases, a good number of them has been jailed ordeported back to their homes. However, the poverty level back intheir home country is devastating, and Elena and her husband arewilling to work hard to change their situation in life. The Elena’scase poses an ethical dilemma, whether to help her and ignore thelaw, or report Elena and her husband, and deny her the chance to carefor her children, as well as visit her mother back home. Accordingto my opinion, I would take the first option, help Elena establishher life, but at the same time maker her stay in America legally.