Ethical Issues in Generation X Company

EthicalIssues in Generation X Company

EthicalIssues in Generation X Company

GenerationX is a startup that furnishes expertise in search engineoptimizations that are website promotion, online advertising, andsearch engine optimization techniques. There are ethical concernsthat are being faced by the Company, which at most times createsethical dilemmas that are difficult to resolve. The main strength ofGeneration X Company is the provision of its services to theeducation sector. However, this evolves to a dilemma when more thanten Companies in education sector contracts us. When maintainingtheir websites, the written words, photos, and videos or anythingportrayed about a Company are not only factual but also does notappear as shouting as coming from the same source.

Itis particularly more difficult when as a company we do not suggest abusiness idea from institution A to institution B while knowing thatis the advantage system A is excelling while B is struggling. It isworse in startups that we are in business with because even us astartup we know what is happening intimately. This has madeGeneration X to only as much as possible work with ideas from thecontracting business so as not to combine a solution originating fromanother institution to better the next client in the same businesssector. It has resulted in a more stringent managerial controlinternally that at times stifles creativity.

Insearch engine optimization at times the client is demanding instantresults that are not deliverable in the period. Therefore, the abuseof link spamming looks acceptable. When the client is not satisfied,the client will broadcast the grievances abroad while if we abuselink spamming as a Company it may backfire on us. Generation X as aCompany had to develop a marketing policy on the techniques outliningthe methods utilized to build links. There is another ethical concernwe face. Most firms in this line of business do not have a vividpicture of what we can deliver. This mostly creates a dilemma of whatto reveal versus what to withhold information wisely. This isbecause, when we show, the client insists it is such a simple tasknot warranting market rate price, and when we withhold, it may createan ugly situation in the future. Generation X has a policy of walkinga client through what services we offer so that it is crystal clearon how we are to work together.

Theissue of email correspondence is private and confidential. However,at times as a website maintenance company, we may want to publish aquote from an email online. This creates a repercussion that most ofthe clients or employees do not understand. This is because everyquote is attributed to a person or author who owns the exclusiverights to its use (Palmer, 2010, p. 17). Unforeseen issues mostlycrop up that may not be pleasant and, therefore generation Xrequires the consent or permission to publish or write a privateemail correspondence on the client’s website. There are times whenwe lose business because we are not able to meet a deadline. It maybe because of the small number of employees at our disposal thatmakes it impossible to take up more businesses. A better payingclient may contact us with a better offer to do a job that we haveaccepted to do for another client at a quarter of the price. This hasled Generation X to have a policy of referrals including integritythat is not swayed by a potential of quick money.


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