Ethical Problems


Questionand Answer

  1. What are Joseph’s Ethical dilemmas

Josephhas various ethical problems in his new job. First, he has come tonotice how several sales people were dishing out kickbacks to sometheir customers. This action is not allowed within the company andJoseph wonders how to report it since Carl the one propagating it isa close relative of the Vice president. Secondly, he notices thatthere are some unethical practices from the top management to thebottom. The main ethical problem here is how he would report thematter to the Vice President without having to go through otherorganizational structures. As it is common, one is not allowed to gostraight to the top seat without going through other senior officerswithin company structure.

  1. Assuming to be Joseph, what I would do

IfI were Joseph, I would first engage the sales team into a seriousdiscussion to urge them to stop the illegal practice of offeringkickbacks, especially to those who are actively involved in it likeCarl. Secondly, if the first step does not bear any fruits, I wouldfollow the required structure and inform my immediate bosses hopingfor a quick resolution from them. Finally, if the second step fails,I would be compelled to write an anonymous form of communication toinform the Vice President of the continued abuse of procedure.

  1. Other information needed before making my decision

Beforecarrying the above mentioned steps I would need to know for how longthe vice of giving out kickbacks began. It is crucial to give factualinformation especially when acting as a whistle blower againstunethical behavior from fellow colleagues especially the senior ones.Next, I would like to know the clients, by name, who have beenoffered these favors so as to compile a reasonable case.

  1. The business areas that these ethical problem lie

Theissue of kickbacks is most common in the insurance and medical areasof business. Majority of those implicated are employees from therespective sales departments who always seek ways of boosting theirsales volumes leading to increased revenue for them.