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EventsIndustry Experience

EventsIndustry Experience

Speaker:Megan Evans

Workand how she works

MeganEvans is a human resource advisor and she works with the CharteredInstitute of Marketing with the headquarters located in Berkshire,England. Currently, Evans’ roles include the provision of firstline advisory services and administrative support on employeerelations as well as the well-being policies. Most importantly, sheprovides advisory support services to CIM clients on matters ofemployee diversity, equality, grievances, management of absence, andhealth and safety. As a chartered CPD executive, Evans serves associal media ambassador and equality and diversity ambassador at CIM. Evan’s skills include employee relations, teamwork, qualitativeand quantitative research, and social media skills.


Thelessons learned from Evans’ profile include the significance ofsocial media and team work in the modern business world. Evans is asocial media ambassador and her own a blog that she uses to shareinformation with followers and other users of the internet as asource of information. Therefore, social media is a platform that onecannot avoid in event management and the sale of real estates. Inaddition, Evans coordinates processes within teams, which indicatesthe significance of organizing employees and assignment tasks inteams instead of individuals. The two lessons I learned from Evans’profile have a significant effect in my career life. This is becauseI am now motivated and encouraged to reconsider the importance ofsocial media teamwork in managing events and selling real estateproperties. For example, I have realized that social media networksprovide a platform for sharing information with the members of thepublic, who are the potential clients.

Connectionswith HR, marketing, legal, logistics, planning, and operation

Evansemphasizes on the significance of managing diversity, which is amongthe common features of the current human resources. This creates theneed for skills to help organizations take advantage of diversity. Inaddition, trends indicate that teams perform well than individuals.Therefore, organizing employees into teams can increase efficiency.Evans also states that the social media is the way forward formarketers, which means that marketers should use social media sitesto share their information about the brands and products withpotential customers. Skills in coordination of processes and teamsindicate the importance of planning and logistics in an organization.Proper planning increases efficiency and success in businessoperations. Evans does not address legal aspects that influence herwork. Moreover, there exist the connection between Evan skills andthe lessons learned with operations because all functions and rolesplayed using these skills leads to an increase in efficiency oforganization’s efficiency.

Speaker:Ian Irving

Workand how he works

Currently,Irving is a marketing and advertising consultant. He works by helpingclients develop superb brand content, manage events, and influencetheir marketing experience. Irving skills include social mediamarketing, music strategy, communication, advocacy, brandcampaigning, and creative thinking.

Lessonsand their effect

Ilearn three major lessons from Irving’s profile. First, brandcampaign is a brand positioning strategy that can increase success inthe management of events and the sale of real estate property. Thismeans that organizations need to communicate their brand to thetarget consumers using aggressive approaches. Secondly, digitalmarketing is a relatively new concept that promises successes tomarketers given that electronic devices are now easy to access anduse. Third, social media is an efficient platform that can allow anindividual or an organization to enhance its brand campaignoperations and influence consumer behavior. These lessons influencedmy career objectives in that I have to prioritize the moderntechnology in order to succeed in managing events and selling thereal estate properties. This implies that the social media and otherdigital platforms should be the backbone of marketing operations andcommunicating with potential clients.

Connectionswith HR, marketing, legal, logistics, planning, and operation

Irvingemphasizes on the significance of employee engagement inorganization’s decisions and operations, which means that humanresource is among the key determinants of the success of theorganization. In addition, Irving informs much about the power ofdigital campaign and social media strategies in marketing. These arenew trends that determine the success of marketing operations. Irvingdoes not mention legal aspects that influence his business. Whileexplaining how his company finished a deal with one of the leadingmanufacturer of handsets, Irving indicates the significance ofinvolving the director of strategy and planning. This confirms thatplanning and logistics are critical aspects of any business deal,including event management and deals that pertaining to the sale ofreal estate properties. Business involves a lot of operations thatrequires employees who are organized in teams to accomplish them.